Shattered in the Prosperity

IMG_3279Being a Feng Shui practitioner does not make me immune to bad Feng Shui of my own. Recently, I’ve been experiencing some not so fantastic fortune in my work life and in my wealth and prosperity and have been trying to discover why.

I was home sick and had some time to tidy up, so I took a look in our bedroom, and lo and behold, these shattered glasses were sitting on the dresser. The dresser holding the shattered glasses is located in the wealth and prosperity area of the bedroom… Oops! I should’ve known better.

In Feng Shui, this is directly associated with shattered, or broken prosperity or being unable to see clearly what is negatively impacting our wealth and prosperity.

I have remove the shattered lens, thrown it away, bagged the glasses and put them in my car to be taken to be repaired.

I’ll keep all of you posted as to how things change; we hope for the better and with immediacy!