Look out 2018…

Look out 2018…

To prepare for the new year, it’s a good time to do a smudge on your home and office. Use sage, (I like white sage, but any bundled sage works) and light the end, blow it out so it is smoky, but not so smoky you set off fire alarms. It’s important to re-light it if the sage stops smoking. Start at the entrance of your home and go clockwise around your home, waving the sage in every area and in every room, especially the corners. Open all the doors to get the purifying smoke into all the spaces. I do a meditation and a mantra for the new year-the best day to do it in New Year’s Eve day. Don’t rush it-I did not do this last year and really regretted it-it was a tough year and perhaps tougher because the smudge didn’t happen.

Christmas is coming…

Christmas is Coming

Make sure you take care of yourself during the holidays. Schedule something for yourself-a massage or even an hour to stretch or meditate. The center of the home is the space that deals with health, so make sure things are looking clean and nothing is broken. If anything is broken in your space, especially appliances-get them out of your house and to a place detached from your home if possible.

Mistletoe – Where Are You?

Mistletoe Where Are You

Unable to muster up the time and energy for romance during the busy season? Pay attention to the South West side of your home-Relationships! Make sure the area is neat, decluttered and doesn’t have sharp items-no bows, no arrows. Add 2 of the same thing in this area-white, pink or red are the best colors. You can add decorative pillows, candles, but make them equal and put them next to each other. This should boost your relationship chi.

Deck the Halls!

December is all about holidays and visitors. Make sure that your pictures are hanging straight and are dusted off or relatives may feel neglected even before the festivities begin. Want to make the gatherings as smooth as possible? Make sure the Eastern part of your home is neat and add a healthy tall green plant if it seems drab (wood element) …and dust off the relatives and display them in this area-The East is all about family and elders.

Time to Fall Back

#FENGSHUI #FRIDAY What else does Feng Shui have to do with Daylight Savings Time? Read even more tips in our latest newsletter….

Countdown to the Holidays

The holidays are coming, and so are the bills! Make sure you try to keep your bills in the eastern part of your home or office as that is the area of the space to do with accounting. Don’t keep your bills above eye level or you will feel like you are “buried” in bills.