Are Lights Feng Shui?

Are Lights Feng Shui?

I get asked this a lot, being in the Lighting industry. The short answer is yes, Lighting is Feng Shui, sometimes good and sometimes bad.

Light equates to fire element, which is good in the south direction of your home. But most lights are made of metal, sometimes wood, sometimes crystal (represents water) sometimes ceramic (represents earth).

The best fixtures are often a mix and encompass several elements which are most auspicious in certain areas of the home. We will delve deeper into what is best in which part of the home in the coming weeks but here are some examples of lighting fixtures that are a good balance of elements to energize good chi in your home.

Are Lights Feng Shui

Just Add Water!

Just Add Water

As we approach Feb 4 and the Chinese New Year, it is time to activate elements in the East to protect health and the well being of the family. Add water elements to the Eastern quadrant of your home or office to strengthen the wood element and weaken metal in the East (remember last week I told you to add metal on the West). Water elements include fountains (that are kept clean), glass, the color blue, pictures of water and mirrors.

Fasten Your Seatbelts

Fasten Your Seatbelts

The Chinese New Year is coming Feb 4th and it is the year of the earth dog. This means a shift is in order of the elements in your home or office. Let’s start by adding metal to the Western area of your home or office.

This was my metal addition in the Western area of our home, which happens to be in the entry. His name is Irmgart; he’s our resident rooster. He’s a great example of a good addition of metal.

Irmgart the rooster

Irmgart the rooster

Happy 2018

Want to manifest some dreams for the new year and activate some positive chi to achieve your goals? Get together a vision board of things you want to accomplish, places you want to go, and things you want to achieve through pictures. They have to be your choices and not somebody’s Pinterest. Put this board in the Western (creativity) or Southeastern (prosperity) part of your home.

Here are some of my pics for my vision board for 2018…

Be silly more often

Explore the awesome city that I live in

Romance (hopefully in exotic places)

Enjoy the moments-pay attention to them

Great food

Travel Far Away

Take time to enjoy the coffee

Spend time with family(hopefully in exotic places)