Good Feng Shui Clothing Colors

Good Feng Shui Clothing Colors

The year of the earth dog favors yellow as a color to surround yourself with for good luck in 2018. The problem is, there are about 3 people in the world who look great in yellow and for most, not so much. Do colors that we wear really affect Feng Shui? They can, but my advice is to wear colors that make you feel good, powerful, lucky, whatever that is. Don’t wear colors because they are supposed to be lucky, like yellow, if they are not suited for you. For me, my best colors are black and gray; I am very unlucky with light colors, especially around coffee.


Can Feng Shui keep me from getting ill?

It’s Flu season! Can Feng Shui keep me from getting ill? Can Feng Shui cure my illness?
Feng Shui can support good health, but if you do get ill, an old Feng Shui cure is to put a bowl of raw rice into a ceramic bowl and put it under the ill person’s bed. Change the rice after 9 days if the person is still ill.

Relationship Area and Prosperity

For 2018, prosperity sits in the area of the bagua associated with relationships, or the Southwest area of your home. Time to add some earth to solidify the connection between these two 2. Keep a ceramic cup on your bedside table or something ceramic that you like or that is significant. Make sure it is in good shape and not cracked or broken! I’m using a beautiful handmade tumbler made by my uber-talented cousin, Alice Goldsmith of Alice Goldsmith Ceramics…lucky me ❤Ceramic Cup

Retail Feng Shui

I visit a lot of retail spaces in my line of work; some are inspiring, some are working to do so, some less so. I love when a showroom has natural flow and balance, with a good mix of colors and elements. My customer, Lighting Unlimited in Cameron Park, is one example of such a showroom. Their vignettes are a great mix of color, texture and the 5 elements-fire, water, earth, metal and wood.
Retail Feng Shui
Feng Shui Retail

Jade Plants to Increase Prosperity

Jade plants are a great way to boost your prosperity! Even in the middle of winter, these succulents provide color and can thrive in most environments. Traditionally given as a gift in the business world, these plants create good chi when placed in the Southeast sector of your office desk, your office, or at the Southeast sector of the entry area of your business. Go get a jade plant to exchange with a colleague or gift one for yourself for increased prosperity.