Good Friday!

Good Friday!

Happy Holidays for those celebrating. This time of year is a time for renewal-why? Because it is Spring and it is Mercury Retrograde so all things that we do that have a RE in the beginning is important-Regenerate, reboot, redo, refine, etc.

In Feng Shui, it is a good time to reorganize and to RE-LAX. Take some time to think about the piles accumulating and where they can best be moved to in order to RE-DUCE clutter. This should be done regularly but Spring is a great time to lighten the load. Think about what you can part with and do it-you’ll feel lighter for the warmer weather.

Much Ado About the Ashes

After the loss of our spectacular Earth Dog, Mandy, last week, the subject of Feng Shui and cremated pets weighs fresh in my mind; what to do with the ashes?

There are many schools of thought on this-the ashes are yin and you should scatter them outside and release the pet’s energy. You should place them in a prominent position in Family (the Eastern area). You should store them in a separate structure.

What to do? I think you should do with them what feels correct for you, with a few caveats:

Do not store cremated pets under your bed and do not put them where you eat and/or cook. Common sense advice, but it is my experience that the Feng Shui of these beloved pets is based on our feelings and not necessarily where they reside after they have passed. The East/Family Elders is usually a good place to add a photo.

Good fortune.

Lucky Yellow

Yellow is the lucky color for the year of the earth dog. Yellow is related to communication as well as heath. If you are able to wear yellow and feel good in the color yellow or yellow accents, this is a good color to display this year. Black is not such a lucky color for 2018, year of the earth dog, so I’m in a bit of trouble.

Lucky Colors

Colors do play a part in the Feng Shui of a space and even on a person. Wearing a specific color can make a person more or less confident, and even though Feng Shui is about placement in a physical space, colors are known to affect our mood, and, when on our bodies, how we look and feel. Black, for example, is related to career and helpful people and travel. Next time you have an important meeting, remember black is the color of power and success in work endeavors.