Maneki Neko-Beckoning cat

Maneki Neko-Beckoning cat

Ever wonder about all of the porcelain cats by the front door of Japanese and Chinese restaurants? These are Maneki Neko-translation=invitation cat. The origin is somewhat murky, but we do know they originated in Japan, and the raised paw is meant to invite the visitor or patron inside. Mineki Nekos are considered good luck for businesses, and many have them en mass greeting guests as they enter.
I have my own collection from my time in Japan, but you can pick them up almost anyplace now. They are so popular, SFO International airport has an exhibit going on now with stories and  in various materials.
I love them and can’t really have enough!
Read more about their origin here:
From SFO International Airport Exhibit:
A photo I took at a storefront in San Francisco, CA:

My own live Mineki Neko:

The Eye Has It

Choosing art for your home
In Feng Shui, sometimes the cure is worse than the ailment. When we Feng Shui our space, we are told to balance elements, add colors, pay attention to what we put on our walls. Being an Art History major, I love to see art in a home and see what people like to choose to decorate their space. That said, your choice could be extreme and down right uncomfortable! This is an installation in downtown Dallas, The Eye.
Too big to fit in my house, it is compelling and a little (a lot) intimidating.
Choose art for your home that speaks to you but doesn’t overwhelm the space or you and your guests.

Pineapples are hot!

I’m seeing pineapples on shirts, sheets, pillows and in home decor.

The pineapple is a symbol of welcome for the home, and a nice element boost in Feng Shui.
The pineapple below is from my line, Hinkley Lighting, and is an element mix of metal (the frame) and water (the glass)and some fire from the lightbulbs. This light would be perfect for a front door in the West or Northwest.

It’s so perfect, I may need to put it by my front door located in the West.

With friends like these…

Pictures of friends and family are great to surround yourself with and to aid you in your helpful people area (the Northwest quadrant). Not so great in the bedroom; even if your bedroom is in the Northwest quadrant. The bedroom should be free of images of other people. Not only does it dampen romance, but having active people in your bedroom also hampers sleep. Get these folks out and to a more active area of the home, like the East or the Northwest.

Summer is Coming Fast!

For those hot summer nights, if you desire a romantic relationship or want to stoke the romantic fire in an existing relationship, purple is a great choice for bedding. Purple, although not a primary romance sector color in Feng Shui (those are red, pink and white) is scientifically observed to be associated with more romantic encounters!