Nature Walks

Nature Walks


As the days get shorter, we need to make sure we are getting enough natural light and everything that goes with that. Living near the water, I try to get close to it as often as I’m able with a demanding work schedule.
My walk presents me with all of the Feng Shui elements-

Earth=sand and rock
Wood=driftwood and succulents
Metal-hmm, maybe my sunglasses, and the passing bikes.
A walk by the water is restorative and balancing, and allows me to recharge for the day.
Nature=self nurture

Money Trees

Money trees are used to enhance wealth.
They are made from a variety of materials; my newest one is bronze.
This year, metal is a good material to use for a Money tree and is very auspicious in the Southeast area of your home or office to promote enhanced wealth.
I’m trying to find the very best spot for it and have moved it twice already.


Gourds & Feng Shui

It’s that time of year again; my favorite. The days are shorter, the nights are longer, but the air is fresh…and the colors!!!!
Gourds are coincidentally great Feng Shui elements for this time of year. They represent good health as they are round/kidney shaped and usually orange, related to the center, health and central systems in the body and the home. Place some gourds in the center of your home-do not let them rot! Enhance your health for the coming winter.?????