Cloudy skies ahead

Cloudy skies ahead

Welcome to the end of 2018! A volatile year for the world as well as for many of my people in the retail world. In Feng Shui, Each year bring challenges and rewards differently to each individual. In the end, there is supposed to be balance, some years, it doesn’t feel like this at all. 

To prepare for the New Year and for possible cloudy skies ahead, I encourage you to do an end of year clearing. Try to clear out the opened gift garbage, the piles, and anything unwanted ASAP, and pay special attention to the center of your home. Make sure it’s clear and clean, free of plants, anything vertical, including piles of papers, gifts ,etc; this is the heath center of the bagua.

Stay focused on your health through the holidays as we are all susceptible to getting “run down.”

Helpful people, travel, and the holidays

Maybe your family has descended upon you, or maybe you are traveling to family or friends for the Holidays. In either case, it’s advisable to tune up your helpful people and travel sector STAT!

If you don’t have much metal in this area, add metal elements (examples below) to the Northwest sector of your home or office to magnify the strength of helpful people and smooth travels.

If you already have plenty of metal there and aren’t feeling the help, remove some wood and water elements for the time being and relocate them to the Eastern part of your home or office. 

Wishing everyone a lovely holiday and smooth sailing! 

Goodbye Mercury Retrograde

As we enter into shorter days and longer nights leading up to Winter Solstice on Dec 21, we also say goodbye to Mercury retrograde. 
MR, as I affectionately call it, ended yesterday, as did the symptoms of the retrograde-

-Increased Difficulty with electronic devices

-Difficulty in interpreting others words, written and verbal

-Travel delays, mix ups

-Increased accidents, traffic, breakage of goods, misplacement of goods… you get the picture.

The upside is an increase in hearing from friends you haven’t heard from in awhile Refocus, reflection, reassessment.The retrograde is often bumpy, messy and difficult, but with some advantages. I’m still glad it’s over.

Until next time….