Salt Cures

Salt Cures

This new year of the Earth Pig is the perfect time to administer salt cures in your home or office.

You will need:

* to find the northeast and southwest corners of your home or office

*12 Chinese coins from an auspicious Dynasty- 6 for each cure (example-Tang, Sung, Ming)

*2 glass jars or glasses larger than 1 pint that you are willing to throw away in a year

*sea salt or table salt-doesn’t need to be fancy but enough to fill both glasses or jars 3/4 full

Fill the glass or jar 3/4 full of salt. Fill to the top or close to it with water. Place 6 coins with the 4 characters facing up into the jar-it’s ok if they settle into the salt.

Place one jar in the Southwest and the other in the Northeast of your home or office. 

Keep the water full and the salt may do some strange things-this is ok! It’s absorbing negative energy. Do not cover them or hide them-they need to be out in the open. Leave them in place until February 3 of 2020.

Elements and stuff…

Feng Shui is much about the balancing of elements in a space…for example…

Too much earth, and you feel heavy and stuck, too much metal, you feel sensitive and over regimented.

This collection of “stuff” on my nightstand was accidental, but served a purpose last year when I needed earth-this year, the SOUTH, where this table is positioned, is all about fire 


 Lights, candles, red… action!!

Happy New Year!

It’s officially the year of the Earth Boar. But just because it’s an earth year does not mean we need to add earth. Earth, is, however, helpful if added in the East this year. Adding ceramic vases, bowls, or other earth based items will help to anchor auspiciousness in this sector, which is connected to family and finance.

This area likes wood, tall plants, so you can make sure your plants are in ceramic holders. Bring on the earth to brighten your fortune! 

Rainbows and stuff

As we transition into the Chinese New Year, the year of the Earth Pig (Boar), it is a good time to evaluate objects, people, and behaviors that no longer serve us. This next year brings fortune and challenges to navigate, best greeted with a clean slate, and house. 

Rainbows remind me that there are always good things to come as you travel your path on the earth, and that there is always something beautiful at the end of the storm.

May the year of the Earth Pig be good for you, and I will be sharing some cures and enhancements to assist in your success.

Good Fortune!