Isn’t it romantic?

Isn’t it romantic?

This year, in the year of the boar, it is important to add the element metal to the romance and relationship area (Southwest sector of space) to neutralize the bad energy from this star… so if your love life is fizzling-add metal.

Spring is Here!

Welcome to Spring and an important time in Feng Shui. This is time to spring clean and declutter! Bring fresh flowers into your home and place them in the East. But remember to throw them away as they begin to die. It’s a great time to purchase new plants and replace any dead or bedraggled plants as plants absorb bad chi and once they die, you need to replace them with a healthy plant of equal or greater stature.

Happy Spring!

Beware the Ides of March

Historically, the IDEs of March, or the middle dates as they did not number the days of the month in Ancient Rome, are here.

Historically known as a day of bad fortune (think the murder of Julius Caesar at the Senate), ides of March was originally a deadline to settle debts in ancient times.

It has earned a bad rap, but it’s also a time to get finances in order, finish your taxes, pay off credit cards. 

Use this time during the Ides of March Retrograde to reset, reflect, reestablish your financial picture and plan.

Mercury Retrograde and Yellow

Yes, it’s that time again: Mercury Retrograde – time for confusing conversations, travel delays and electronics on the fritz.

To counteract the communication difficulties, add yellow to areas where you converse-the kitchen table, the living room-carry a yellow pillow around (no, I’m not kidding) or wear yellow. It all helps to ease communication and help you get through the next couple of weeks.

Fire Elements

Fire is a very powerful element in Feng Shui, and I have fire elements throughout our home and in my office.

This year, it’s particularly true for the center of your structure to add fire to allow the wealth to basically get out. The money star, 8,  is trapped in the center of your home or office this year.

I go all out with a traditional cure, seen below, but you don’t have to. Candles, and or lights will add fire to the center, allowing the money to flow.