“A tisket, a tasket, what the *#€< do I do with all of these baskets?”

“A tisket, a tasket, what the *#€< do I do with all of these baskets?”

If you’re like me, you collect things that are of interest to you. Confession time: I love little Japanese characters, glass bottles, and baskets. It’s a thing, and Marie Kondo would have a seizure, but I do gather these things and then have no idea how to utilize them.

Baskets usually fall under the category of wood, as they are made of natural materials of plants, just like tree wood or bamboo.

Wood is the predominant element of the East and Southeast, so wood is good in those sectors. This year, wood is also a good element to add to the Northwest sector, Helpful People and Travel, as the #9 star occupies the Northwest this year, and to enhance this auspicious star, wood is good, and a great place for those baskets! 

Feng Shui and Ducks

Ducks, or pairs of mandarin ducks specifically, are a symbol of romantic love in Feng Shui. People often will put a pair of ceramic ducks, a male and a female, together in the relationship area of their home (Southwest corner) .

Ducks are said to pick one mate/partner for life. If you’re looking for that life partner, first try a pair of ducks. 

GoT and Earth

The finale of Game of Thrones is nearing..😱😥Winter is truly over. The battle for the throne was intense, right? And didn’t we savor the fight to the death between the Hound and his brother, the Mountain?

The Mountain represents earth. Though the fall to a fiery death (of course, the only way for the Hound to go), earth is seen all around in this scene. Most of these medieval castles and fortresses are made of stone, which is earth, after all! 

This year, earth is very helpful to add in the East to the #6 metal star-Earth enhances the East-so put pottery, plates mugs, those cute clay Game of Throne collectibles in the east to boost the good energy.

You can also use Earth in the center of your home or space as it is an earth element sector.

FSF GoT Wood

It’s difficult to remember the abundance of the element wood factors into the landscape of GoT. How could everything burn so well otherwise?

Wood feeds fire, and therefore, is easier to spot if you look (easier than spotting Starbucks cups for sure)

Here is wood right next to Tyrion-most of the structures and cremation platforms are made from wood.

Wood is associated with the Southeast, abundance and prosperity, as it feeds into the fire of fame and reputation Gua in the South.

This year, wood is not used to enhance the good stars or weaken the bad stars, but is ok to have in the East to support family and finances in moderation, and in the Southeast for prosperity. 

Wood can be actual wood, or plants, and of course things made of wood.

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Game of Thrones Feng Shui element breakdown-water

**Spoiler Alert**

Well, the Night King has been reduced to, well, chunks of ice, and Winter is officially over. All that ice is really just water, an important element in Feng Shui.

Water, flowing water, is helpful for success in business and is associated with the North-see the connection, the King of the North etc.

You should also add water to the the Southeast, prosperity area to weaken the negative impact of the bad star 7 hanging around this year.

How to add water? Well, moving water, not huge waves, pictures of slowly moving water, glass, mirrors…

Image: HBO
Palacial Chandelier