Pets and Feng Shui

Pets and Feng Shui

This is Licorice. He’s 18, totally blind, and the best cat ever.

Pets and animals fall under the category of fire in Feng Shui.

Fire is the element of the South in Feng Shui associated with fame and reputation.

Licorice was helping me with work that night in the west, not ideal, but he is a cat and we can’t really control his movement nor would we want to.

This year, Fire is also helpful in the center of the home or office, so we can put licorice there and hope he stays put, or you could keep a photo of your pet or any animal in motion on the center of your home or office as well as in the south.

Yoga and stuff at the airport

Feng Shui and yoga are not intrinsically connected, but the principles do overlap. I’m not a yoga fan, but I’ve gone from pure hatred to an acceptance of its existence and some tolerance to the idea and practice. I’ve come a long way, baby.

Yoga focuses the mind and body in harmony, while Feng Shui focuses the mind and body with the physical space. Both help foster a sense of calm and balance using very different practices, but both aspire to reach the same goal.

Maybe you want to try yoga in the airport, or maybe not-I guess you’ll have to check out the Feng Shui of the space yourself. 

Show me the money

Trying to land a new client or gain a tenant? 

Put 3 red folders on your desk or workspace. If the space is in the East, Northeast or West, Southwest, tape 3 Chinese coins, with the 4 characters facing up, to the top of the folder. If you know the name of your perspective client, put their name on the folder in the corner. Put 3 folders out at a time. This will help bring the clients in and seal the deal. Put the folder away once the client is yours.

Good Fortune!