Words Do Matter

Words Do Matter

I  recently attended a conference for lighting, ALA, or better known as American Lighting Association. While there, I attended a great course on public speaking, which was so fun, eye opening, and, believe it or not, relevant to Feng Shui.

The way we speak and the words we choose to utter affect our perspective on things. This affects the way we operate in the world and in our space. 

“I was like,” “ummmm,” “you know” (actually, we don’t know, which is probably why we are at the training), they are all indicators that you may not have a handle on your presentation. 

The class helped us become aware of how we are speaking. It made me think about some everyday phrases we use and how it may affect our actions. 

“I’m under the gun”

“I’m swamped”

“I’m under the wire”

“I’m under water”

These phrases set us up for struggles, and present obstacles. Much like the filler words in our presentations, they change the message and the perception. 

Become more aware of what you put out there-words do matter. 

Wood, wood and more wood

We bought a house! It’s all wood-wood inside, wood outside-even wood floors under the hideous carpet!! 

What does it mean when your home is heavy in the wood element and what should you do?

Too much wood can be associated with arguments and fueling tempers. I’m going to say this house has too much wood. If you don’t want to argue, it’s best to try to achieve a balance of elements ASAP.

Metal is an element used to destroy wood, so I can use this sparingly to diffuse the wood. This is furniture, accessories and the colors gray and white. 

I will also use the fire element to reduce the strength of wood, as fire burns wood, but metal kills it. Think lights, candles, colors. 

Stay tuned for a full Feng Shui diagnosis and Renovation of my home coming soon. 

Fish and Feng Shui

Many people ask me if they should get goldfish for good luck and good Feng Shui. 

While fish are known to be a FS cure and absorb negative energy, historically it was said that quantity of 9 is best, with one being black, the others, orange.

This does not mean you should run out and buy goldfish! The goldfish need to be in a particular area of the space (North or Southeast for 2019), the tank or bowl needs to be pristine, the fish need to be healthy and replaced when they expire.

I do not recommend this as a cure unless you love fish tanks and are willing to take good care of the fish, otherwise, it’s a negative, and is destructive rather than a cure. A better remedy is a circulating fountain or photo of water.