What Homes Reveal

What Homes Reveal

America’s exuberance with “the perfect home” is affirmed by the myriad of pins, boards, blogs and sites dedicated to reaching this goal. 

Sometimes, we fight a space in our efforts to tame it and have it yield to our taste. We do this by layering material over material generationally until it is forever lost under an Atlantean sea of plywood, tile, linoleum and glue. 

We are doing it differently. Our house’s original floors are Douglas Fir,  under no less than 5 layers of the materials listed above. 

Our house is trying to tell us, in many ways,  to lighten its load-a basic tenant of Classic Feng Shui. 

We are exposing all of the wood floors, in a tedious effort to restore it to the way it was over 100 years ago. We are the stewards of our home, and we plan to tread lightly. Stay tuned 


Going Home

I told you I was not going to talk about death for awhile-so I’m going to talk about life and coming home. 

My mom died last Sunday after a long fight with heart failure. My mom was tenacious, smart, funny-I loved her so much, words cannot express, and I will miss her every day. She is home now, next to my dad, resting in peace back in Walnut Creek. This journey has brought me home too, to a new home for me and Tom, and home to my religious roots. Home is both a place and a feeling, home is community, and without community to lift us up, I believe we are sunk. So I move on to our new physical home, where I will be applying all of the Feng Shui principles to insure success in every aspect of our lives. There is also the home that I cannot touch, or draw a plan for, even though it exists in walls. 

I am Jewish, and over the past week, have made it through our High Holidays and New Year with the support of my Jewish community in Walnut Creek. It’s a long drive from Santa Cruz, but they have given me something the newest, sparkliest, fanciest home cannot-they gave me community. 

So we are both home, my mom and I-she in my heart, and I in my community.