We recently rescued these from our kitchen demo of Floyd. They were clearly handmade, and everyone who saw them seemed to love them. 

They are ceramic and represent the element Earth. In Classic Flying Star Feng Shui, my birth element, or core element, is earth. 

In Feng Shui, Earth people demonstrate stability, strength, being centered. Earth people are sociable, agreeable and want to “belong.” They are the peacemaker and are reliable, nurturing and supportive. 

In applied Feng Shui, Earth can do the same to a space, but too much Earth can bog one down, creating slowness and an inability to move forward. 

Kitchen Ceramics
kitchen ceramics 2

House Colors

Recently, I was asked about house colors and if there are auspicious and not auspicious house colors.

In Feng Shui, there is much disagreement about this.

Color is important, but it depends on so many things. When your house was built, the direction of your house, the predominant material of your house and the inhabitants. This is why Feng Shui seems so complicated-it is! 

It is best to honor the material and to keep colors organic if you want to be safe. This gives a lot of choices but excludes magenta, purple, neon green-colors most of us don’t generally use for good reason. When in doubt, calm, natural tones are best and create a peaceful and welcoming presence for your home. 

Feng Shui House Colors

It’s Mercury Retrograde Again

Mercury Retrograde is Oct. 31-Nov. 20.

-Lost communication devices (I’ve lost my phone 6 times since Mercury Retrograde started Oct 31)

-Flight delays

-Lost packages

-Don’t sign contracts or make large purchases but…

Anything beginning with RE is a good thing to do:






The Scream
The Scream, 1893 by Edvard Munch

Birds and Feng Shui

These two guys are straight from Floyd’s entry. Another great gift from our generous new, old house (108 mighty years) named Floyd.  They were on piers and were literally toppling over. 

Wright Lighting and Fireside, I’m putting you on notice because I’m bringing these two in for a lighting makeover, STAT.

They are metal but are, or were, fitted with sockets and bulbs, a fire element, and meant to light the driveway. They are also animals, which are considered a fire element in Feng Shui. 

Metal and fire do different things to wood in Feng Shui. They each are a pretty severe way of quelling wood, or killing wood. But, when you have a house that is made entirely of wood and is literally in the woods, you need extreme balancing. We do not want to encourage too much fire, but rather cut the wood element down to scale in small ways, a little at a time. 

These two will be restored to their former glory and act as fire and metal guards for the wood house, and give it the balance it thirsts for.

Now, what to name them?