Don’t F*#% with Cats…

Don’t F*#% with Cats…

Cats are a symbol of good luck in many Asian cultures and in Feng Shui Maneki Neko=good luck cat in Japan. Our lucky black cat, Licorice, is on the road with us to LA to visit family. We will let you know if our trip was filled with good luck. Happy Holidays and here is to an auspicious 2020😼

Licorice the cat


shoganai – It can’t be helped; unavoidable; accepting one’s fate; accepting a situation with stoicism and dignity; moving on with acceptance and without drama or a meltdown. 

Twenty-five years after leaving my 2 year stint in Sendai, Japan, my recollection of the language is limited to a few odd, unrelated phrases. 

One of my favorites is Shoganai-it doesn’t translate neatly into English, but this is part of what I love about it.

It indicates that “it can’t be helped” whatever the situation; delayed deliveries, lost packages, anything that a person would argue the contrary. At the same time, Shoganai indicates that there is to be no more discussion on whatever conversation, argument or tantrum preceded-that’s it, that’s life, it’s done. 

In Feng Shui, this philosophy is adopted for many life events. The balanced approach is to move forward from where you are with the knowledge you’ve acquired prior. Shoganai embodies the spirit in which Feng Shui is meant to function-in Harmony.