What’s Old is New Again

Floyd has turned out to be a ground up remodel, with the basement getting fortification and insulation. Every day when I get home, there is more progress. At the same time, there is more discovery, including very old doors with very original hardware, and even springs for a horse carriage! 

Below is Floyd’s claw foot tub faucet( clearly not to current code) a 1950s O’Keefe and Merritt stove in need of some repairs, new framing in the basement… we have a basement!!! Squee!!! Next, a basement door, and finally, carriage springs. There is more under there, transom windows, doors, crystal knobs and tons of vintage hardware. As Floyd takes shape and gets some new fittings, the old will stay and get integrated into the design so we never forget where Floyd came from and his rich history. 

Floyd’s clawfoot tub’s faucet