Tom and Healing in Nature

Tom and Healing in Nature

As many of you know, my partner Tom had a rather sudden heart transplant at Stanford on April 6, 2020.

Our Bazi (Chinese astrology birth chart) interpreted by Richard Ashworth, a Feng Shui and Bazi Master I consulted, told me that Tom would heal quickly as the weather got warmer. 

This has all come to pass, and I’m thankful every day that Tom is doing so well. Our charts also told us that we need to handle earth (dirt) and that will ground us in this new phase of our lives. Though Tom is not supposed to handle dirt yet, he can stand on it, and we have plenty of it. This is part of our property, Floyd, and Tom is standing where the ivy used to be. 

The fire of the Sun, the wood from our trees, and the earth from Floyd are a great combination for healing. 

Water and Feng Shui

Last Sunday, Tom and I went riding around our house-OKA Henry Cowell State Park. We ended up having to cross the river to get where we were going. Tom rode across of course! I walked in bare feet.

Water is one of the most powerful elements in Feng Shui. In fact, the type of water features that exist  around your home have a huge impact on the Feng Shui of your home. 

Meandering water, like this river is the best water, neither stagnant nor rushing. 

Contrary to popular belief, living next to or above the ocean does not bring good Feng Shui to the home. You may be wealthy enough to buy a home beachfront, but the rushing water creates instability and overwhelm and clashes.

Stagnant water creates inertia, being stuck, and health issues along with it.

The best is meandering water, like this part of the San Lorenzo river pictured below. Roads also represent water so it is best to live next to roads that are curvy with little traffic. 

Meandering Water

And yes, I made it! 

Earth and Healing

Fixing Floyd’s Flora 

Floyd, our house, age: 109 years and counting.

When we purchased Floyd, he was overwrought with ivy; it was literally everywhere. It was holding up the fence, and covered almost every inch of the ground outside. The fence was falling over, so we had to clear the way for a new fence. 

The guys worked on the yard for days, with machetes! But we can finally see the earth through the ivy (and a slow, children at play sign, and a leaf blower)

It is said in Classical Feng Shui that you can identify a good property by the quality of the earth. It should be rich, brown and should kind of hold together if you squeeze it shut in your fist. I’m happy to report that Floyd possesses good soil! 

If the soil is poor, so goes the chi, and the Feng Shui. 

In Classical Feng Shui, a potential buyer would check the soil. Today, many of us don’t have the luxury, or frankly, the soil to check. So how do you tell? 

Does anything grow around your property? Even weeds suggest an environment for growth. Do you grow plants? How do they do? Plant killing people notwithstanding.

Earth is a vital element in Feng Shui and assists in grounding people, creating boundaries and processing grief. 

So, get out in your garden, pull some ivy, plant some flowers or work on that path. It’s good for your health as well as the health of Chi in your home. 

Bending Metal in times of great stress

Many Classical Feng Shui practitioners predicted a year of worldwide turmoil and widespread illness of the lungs for this Metal Rat year; if we’d only known! This Metal Rat year is Yang energy, whereas next year, 2021, the year of Metal Ox, will be Yin Metal energy. Yang Metal is associated with loudness, combativeness, fighting for rights, rebellion, escalation. 

This is all part of the cycle. That is not to say that anyone knew any of these specific events would occur, and simultaneously, but it was known that it would be a year of drastic change.

The Yang metal of the first half of 2020 will eventually give way to yin metal, more introspection and absorption of the events occurring currently. The hope is that this will allow for constructive analysis and definitive action to heal and advance our higher goals.

If you have too much metal in your life=aggression, anger, fight, inflexibility, you can add some fire element to decrease the feelings. Animals represent fire, so they are helpful to calm too much metal. If you lack metal, you may lack focus, be undisciplined, or suffer from substance abuse. Adding earth, or, of course, metal, will help strengthen metal element in your life.

Metal’s properties are pretty spectacular; it can change form, bending and flexing far more than one can imagine. That is what I imagine when I visualize the world during this time, bending metal. We are being tested to the breaking point, but the metal will keep bending and will not break, nor will our resilience or spirit.