The Leaves of Change

The Leaves of Change

In Feng Shui, things are always changing-daily, even hourly. These little reminders on the ground mark the movement of time. 

I used to think Feng Shui was a one time thing-set it and forget it. I’m learning it is so much more. 

These little markers remind me to observe these changes and understand that we cannot stop time, but we can work with it to make the most of our days, months and years. 

I just completed a course on date selection, and am developing a new set of skills to advise what to do and when. Stay tuned.

Today is an “establish” day. It happens to be a dog day in a dog month, which is ripe for a fight.

Hang tight; if today’s is not your day, tomorrow might be. 

Fountains and Feng Shui

Whenever anyone hears that I’m a Feng Shui practitioner, most ask if fountains are good luck. 

It depends. Yes, moving water is good luck in the right place, which is difficult to determine unless you know something about the ex people occupying the space.

Water is one of the 5 elements in Feng Shui, and is associated mostly with the North and Northeast. Water is communication; water is getting things circulating. 

You can’t, however, stick a fountain in your house and expect your career to take off, or to receive loads of cash. 
If you have a lot of water element in and around your home already, adding water may cause a problem. 

Tips on water and fountains:

• Put fountains in the Northern areas of your home for general benefit.

• Best not to put a fountain in your bedroom.

• Do not let water stagnate; non-replenished sitting water is never of benefit.

• Have a water element proportionate to the space you’re putting it in-bigger is not always better.

• Put fountains in areas where it’s quiet, just not the bedroom.  

• A great place to find money IS in public fountains, but look, don’t touch!  

Fu Dogs, yin and Yang

I love when I learn something new; today was no exception. My Feng Shui master and I were discussing different symbols used in Feng Shui and their efficacy. He mentioned Fu Dogs and their yin and Yang properties-even they are balanced. 

I never noticed this before, but one of the Fu dogs has a pup under her paw;  she is the female protecting her pup. The male dog has a globe under his paw, which signifies control over his domain. Together they are balanced and are said to protect a space in a balanced yin Yang way. 

Fu dogs are one of the items people use to protect their home. I suspect they’re  not very influential as a Feng Shui cure or element, but they are pretty cool! 

These are my Fu Dogs (above). They are red and they reside in the Southeast on either side of our double doors.