Water Features and Feng Shui

Water Features and Feng Shui

water feature
📸: decoist.com

My Feng Shui Master and teacher, Richard Ashworth, is remotely (from England), placing a water feature on our property. It requires a lot of calculations, door angle placement, and detailed information about those in the household.

The goal is to place water at a specific time and place to create enduring protection and good fortune for the inhabitants. 

Putting water in the wrong place can be detrimental, so it needs to be determined by a Feng Shui expert. 

He has identified the specific date, time, size and place to do this, and the best material and shape of the feature.

Our house, Floyd, has a rustic vibe, so we are using a galvanized feed trough that is 6’ in diameter. The placement will be at 11:00 am on June 26. Stay tuned for more details as we approach June 26.

Feng Shui and Mixing Elements

In Feng Shui, you’re never really dealing with 1 element. The mixing of the elements in the space (fire and metal in this cool light fixture, pictured above, in our Cancun restaurant) with the timing (Water Tiger= water element and Tiger is wood element) and the location (Cancun is Southeast from me but Southwest from, let’s say, New York).

And our location in Cancun is next to the Gulf of Mexico, a sea. The beach and the sand are earth.

So, is the predominant element water, metal, fire, wood or earth? 

Everything is represented, and in this restaurant there may be predominant metal and fire (think cooking and pans).

How do all of these elements work together? Or against each other? Do they create harmony? Or do they clash? 

Based on our dinner, I’d say harmonious, but stay tuned for an in depth analysis next week.