30 Years Together

Melissa Leib

Melissa Leib

I knew that it was coming, but opening it was something else. This year’s Hinkley Award Ceremony was a virtual event; so different than ever before. When they announced the milestone anniversaries, I honestly didn’t expect to hear our name. 2020 distorted my sense of time as the longest year ever! We’ve been working with Hinkley my entire career in lighting and beyond, which is itself exceptional, but 30 years was still a surprise.

My dad used to tell me, whenever Hinkley sends us a communication, they address us as “Hinkley Family,” and they really mean it! I have to say… truth, Dad. The Hinkley Family is a tight knit group; so unique. It’s difficult to convey in words, but easily observed when we are together. Though my father passed away in 2004, this Hinkley milestone anniversary year count included his tenure as the founder of our agency.

30 years; longer than many marriages and far longer than most personal and business relationships. My dad would’ve been so proud to receive this award, as are we. I can imagine how it would’ve been in person-we’d all be in tears. We are so honored to be a part of this company every day. To see it grow and evolve into a 4th generation family-owned company and one of the most sought-after lighting companies to represent has been an immense pleasure. We look forward to growing Hinkley and growing with Hinkley for years to come.

Thank you to our Hinkley Family for recognizing our 30 years together.

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