Floyd's Door

Floyd Update: Everyone has a red door - Floyd is getting a green door! And look what Elmer and Ramon built to paint it with the sprayer. It looks like the beginning of a pergola!

Here’s a Floyd update, and a tease of what’s to come. Floyd is getting a new butler’s pantry that was previously a room of unknown use. We think it used to be a patio 50 years ago that someone closed in. Check out the v...

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30 Years Together

I knew that it was coming, but opening it was something else. This year’s Hinkley Award Ceremony was a virtual event; so different than ever before. When they announced the milestone anniversaries, I honestly didn’t expec...

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Cobalt Click from Nora Lighting

Check out all the options Cobalt Click LED Downlight Series offers from Nora Lighting. From different shapes to dimming options and retrofits, there's something for every application.

I’ve always been a worrier. When I met Tom in 6th grade, I was already an experienced worrier. We went to middle and high school together, he, a year ahead of me. We had “intersecting friends,” so we knew eac...

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Bye, Bye Cujo

I'm getting a paint job in my secret room, also known as my Cujo room! Here's my before and after with Swiss Coffee walls and Pure White trim - Floyd

Floyd's New Fridge!

Floyd has turned out to be a ground up remodel, with the basement getting fortification and insulation. Every day when I get home, there is more progress. At the same time, there is more discovery, including very old doors wi...

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Enhancing Romance for 2020

For those of you who follow our antics with our new (108 year old) house, Floyd, you know that Floyd has lots of charming character. One of his recent gifts are these small ceramic ducks in our bathroom glued to the chair rai...

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Bye Bye Built-ins

Floyd is coming along!

We finally moved in on Saturday Dec 7. He immediately revealed a plumbing emergency. The sewer line is running in the opposite tilt and is leaking i...

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Birds and Feng Shui

These two guys are straight from Floyd’s entry. Another great gift from our generous new, old house (108 mighty years) named Floyd.  They were on piers and were literally toppling over. 


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Meet Floyd

We think our houses’s name is Floyd. Floyd is 108 years old. He’s quirky, has lots of surprises, including an original claw foot tub, a secret room and original Douglas Fir Hardwood throughout hidden under 5 layers of lin...

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Happy 2019!

If you’re one of my customers, you’ve received an interactive calendar with a fun giveaway inside! We hope you enjoy it as a great way to get you acquainted with Leib and Associates, our website and products we represent,...

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It's BIIIGG News!

Elk Group International just dropped their combined catalog for Dimond Home, Guildmaster, and Sterling-all in one place. This catalog is HUGE and filled with great furniture and accessories all available to Elk Lighting showr...

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