Can Anything Protect Us From 2020?

Melissa Leib

Melissa Leib

evil eye from greece FSF

We have an evil eye above our front door. We got it in Greece in 2012, and, according to legend, it offers protection against evil across many cultures and religions. I’ve hung it above every front door of everyplace we’ve lived. 

The evil eye finally went up on Floyd a couple of weeks ago, and I can report that, to my knowledge, nothing profoundly evil has landed on our doorstep since.

Do I believe they work? In a word, yes. I believe in stacking the deck in our favor, and if it’s Evil Eyes, horseshoes, or religious objects, I think we choose items that we believe will help protect us, and maybe the act of buying them and placing them makes it so. 

We have to be aware of danger in order to protect ourselves from it. Once we are aware, we may change our behavior, which can change the outcome. 

In Feng Shui, it’s ok to keep items that we link to protection. It isn’t harmful in Feng Shui. More is not better; and I’ve seen people go way overboard. Thinking about protecting your home means that you are thinking about your home, and that does affect Feng Shui In a positive way. 

Stay well!