My Closet Before and After

My Closet Before and After

We were feeling the monetary pinch and bought a closet kit that Tom put together over 2 weekends. Now I can see everything I own in one place with great lighting.

Good Feng Shui and good chi.

💡: Recessed lights – Nora Lighting Pearl Series 4” comfort dim

💡: Semi flush pendant – Lotus by Hinkley

closet before and after

Bye Bye Ox

4 oxen in a fenced area

As we inch closer to leaving the year of the Metal Ox and entering the year of the Water Tiger, I keep reminding myself only a few more weeks!

Why am I so excited to bid adieu to the Ox? As a fire horse with an earth pig day stem, metal is not my element, nor is the ox my animal.  2021 was Metal Ox.

The upcoming Tiger bodes well for Horses (me) and Dogs (these three are bffs in the Zodiac lineup).

It promises to be an exciting year, with lots of transformation and advancement. 

Should be easy for Horses Roosters, and Dogs and Pigs.

Stable and gains for Rats, Oxen, Dragons, Tigers, and Sheep 

Challenging for Snakes and especially challenging for Monkeys (sorry to my Monkey people)

Mixed bag for Rabbits 

Luckily, we all have a blend of animals in our 4 pillars and luck pillars, so there is always a chance for some benefit.

Everyone has easier and more difficult years, but this one looks pretty good for me and my animal lineup! It’s been a tough few years, so I’m sure I am in good company in having no reservations saying goodbye to the Ox! 

Here Come the Tigers: Feng Shui Tips for 2022

Happy end of 2021! These days, we no longer say that next year will be better, we say it will be different. In Feng Shui, certain people in certain houses will fair better than other by default.

It’s a complex process, but here are some tips you can use to assist you going into 2022.

2022 is coming like a huge wave. Water Tiger years are very active, so it is important to be deliberate and think things through. Not a year to be impetuous, or to act without thinking. Take a moment or many moments before making big decisions.

• Clear your inbox-2021 was year of the exploding email box. It is a great idea to clear everything out for 2022. Even creating a 2021 Archive file for all those straggler emails. Then they are not mixed with the new but still there if you need them. This helps clear space in your head and frees up time.

• Say goodbye to old/dead/dying plants. Dead anything is not a Feng Shui boost, so let them go. Buy new ones for 2021 and put them in the eastern area to soak up the am sun.

• Get a daily meditation/relaxation/stretching/quiet thought time. There are literally a million free YouTube videos/apps to help you find the right one for you. This is proven to lower blood pressure and lead to clearer thinking.

In general:

• Avoid breaking ground on renovations in the Northeast and Southwest of your home.

• The middle of the home is inauspicious this year (if you have a rectangle or square home). If your house is a U-shape and the center is missing, this will add an extra challenge to your year. The same goes for open concept homes. Keep the middle of your home as undisturbed as possible. If you’re having a rough time, you can implement a salt cure (for info on this, go to any of my social media accounts and I’ll be re-posting the salt cure).


It’s Been a Long Year…


Sloane expresses it best. We are leaving a metal year behind and embarking on 2022 and the Water Tiger year.

In many ways, 2021 was more difficult for many than 2020. Unending COVID, product delays, fatigue, stress, absence of civility, and general uncertainty.

We hope that 2022 proves to be a positive transition with many great opportunities. Water Tiger years are said to be years marked with determinism; a year to improve ones life and living condition. It’s also a year of technological advancements, stock market advancements, medical advancements (yay), and advances in research. 

Here’s to 2022 and all that it promises.

Floyd Fail Reboot

master bedroom after

Floyd’s Facelift: After

New mattress ✔️ 

New bed with solid headboard ✔️ 

New bedding ✔️ 

Cats (inspectors) ✔️ 

Good Feng Shui ✔️ 

Here was the Before if you remember…

Floyd Fail

Sometimes, the Feng Shui is all wrong. This was the bed in Floyd’s master bedroom. Yes, they left the bed.

Some Feng Shui tips for furniture that is not yours:

If you can, buy a new bed including a mattress, new sheets and pillows when you move to a new home.

If you can’t do all that, at least seal the mattress and get new pillows and bedding. 

This bedding screams scary, sociopathic cabin. Wood, mirrors and bears do not really invoke peace and good sleep.

For the record, we did not sleep in this bed; we got it out of Floyd ASAP. If you can avoid it, do not use prior occupants beds, especially mattresses and bedding.

So what’s wrong here? Too much wood -this can spark arguments and inhibit rest. The mirrors right above your head are also disturbing to good sleep, and the bears speak for themselves. 

Stay tuned next week for the after!

Meet Floyd’s Feng Shui Floors

Floyd is getting new floors again-stone! Stone is earth, dry earth, and I know that this is good for me! 

In Feng Shui, it’s helpful to add elements that we are lacking and often our homes are lacking. Floyd has a ton of wood; he’s made of redwood, he’s surrounded by redwood. He needs earth and water. 

Earth is grounding; mountains don’t move so easily. So, if you feel out of control, angry, or have lost your way and have your head in the clouds, earth is a great element to add. 

Earth people are solid, nurturing, supportive-they’re the person you call in the middle of the night to bail you out of whatever you’ve gotten yourself into. 

On the flip side, Earth people can also be apathetic, lazy and stubborn. 

Earth is associated with yellow, and represented by actual dirt, mountains, brick, ceramics, stones and crystals. 

Stay tuned; I’ll let you know how the earth boost goes. 

The Leaves of Change

In Feng Shui, things are always changing-daily, even hourly. These little reminders on the ground mark the movement of time. 

I used to think Feng Shui was a one time thing-set it and forget it. I’m learning it is so much more. 

These little markers remind me to observe these changes and understand that we cannot stop time, but we can work with it to make the most of our days, months and years. 

I just completed a course on date selection, and am developing a new set of skills to advise what to do and when. Stay tuned.

Today is an “establish” day. It happens to be a dog day in a dog month, which is ripe for a fight.

Hang tight; if today’s is not your day, tomorrow might be. 

Fountains and Feng Shui

Whenever anyone hears that I’m a Feng Shui practitioner, most ask if fountains are good luck. 

It depends. Yes, moving water is good luck in the right place, which is difficult to determine unless you know something about the ex people occupying the space.

Water is one of the 5 elements in Feng Shui, and is associated mostly with the North and Northeast. Water is communication; water is getting things circulating. 

You can’t, however, stick a fountain in your house and expect your career to take off, or to receive loads of cash. 
If you have a lot of water element in and around your home already, adding water may cause a problem. 

Tips on water and fountains:

• Put fountains in the Northern areas of your home for general benefit.

• Best not to put a fountain in your bedroom.

• Do not let water stagnate; non-replenished sitting water is never of benefit.

• Have a water element proportionate to the space you’re putting it in-bigger is not always better.

• Put fountains in areas where it’s quiet, just not the bedroom.  

• A great place to find money IS in public fountains, but look, don’t touch!  

Fu Dogs, yin and Yang

I love when I learn something new; today was no exception. My Feng Shui master and I were discussing different symbols used in Feng Shui and their efficacy. He mentioned Fu Dogs and their yin and Yang properties-even they are balanced. 

I never noticed this before, but one of the Fu dogs has a pup under her paw;  she is the female protecting her pup. The male dog has a globe under his paw, which signifies control over his domain. Together they are balanced and are said to protect a space in a balanced yin Yang way. 

Fu dogs are one of the items people use to protect their home. I suspect they’re  not very influential as a Feng Shui cure or element, but they are pretty cool! 

These are my Fu Dogs (above). They are red and they reside in the Southeast on either side of our double doors.