Color, Feng Shui, and Mark Rothko

Melissa Leib

Melissa Leib

Mark Rothko is one of my favorite artists. He expressed emotions through color like no other. There’s no doubt color evokes emotions, but what do they have to do with Feng Shui?

A lot, actually. Color does play a part in Feng Shui as colors are associated with different areas of the Bagua or land/house map.

In this painting, Untitled, the orange, yellow and violet dominate the canvas.

Yellow is associated with communication. If you want to get the conversation going, add yellow to an area of your home. Orange is related to being energetic, social, money luck, and also recovery from trauma or abuse. In Asian cultures, the orange fruit is used to bring luck and prosperity into a home. Finally, Violet is in the purple family and is related to abundance, royalty and nobility. These colors should be used in careful measure,  as too much of any color creates over stimulating and helplessness.

This painting is a good size and blend of colors, but you’ll need a lot of that wealth luck in order to buy an original Mark Rothko, so prints, pillows and accessories are a great way to add these colors to your decor.
Rothko untitled