Feng Shui Friday

Fu Dogs, yin and Yang

I love when I learn something new; today was no exception. My Feng Shui master and I were discussing different symbols used in Feng Shui and their efficacy. He mentioned Fu Dogs and their yin and Yang properties-even they are...

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What the Ch’i?

Yesterday, my Feng Shui master and I were discussing Ch’i-what it is and what it is not. People call it energy, but I think that is too broad and doesn’t really explain it. Some call it dust, and maybe that’s helpfu...

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"Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die."

-Origin unknown

Yesterday was the Jewish day of atonement. We ta...

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Movin' Out!

In Feng Shui, it is always more auspicious to have fewer items and less clutter…Enter the storage unit! Out of sight, out of mind for the low, low price of some absurd annual amount that makes one wonder if their stuff is w...

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What's Cooking?

In Feng Shui, the stove is considered one of the most influential objects in a home. They are synonymous with wealth, and the more the stove is in full operation, the more opportunity for wealth.

Most important-Keep it...

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What Element are Crystals in Feng Shui?

I love crystals and have them in every shape, size and color around the house. Now I have to hide them from our cats, who think they are toys. 

My Bazi master, Richard...

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Front Door Colors and Feng Shui

Floyd’s new front door is in!!!

(It still needs the doorbell, which is a very old turn ringer-see below-and part of the reason I love Floyd)

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Friends and Helpful People

So maybe we haven’t been able to see many helpful people in person recently, but, luckily, they don’t have to be with you to be helpful.

The Helpful people area of the

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Boiling Over

It’s hot in the south, too hot, and with that comes irritation, impatience and anger-blood boiling. 

I believe we have reached the place where our collective rage an...

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Beams, Poison Arrows, Chi and Bamboo Flutes

In Feng Shui, it is not good to sleep under a beam, have the edge of the beam pointing at you, or have the beam dissect your body while sleeping, or lie between you and your partner. 

It’s Summer and it’s Hot! In Feng Shui, Summer is associated with the Southern direction. It’s also associated with high visibility, popularity, fame and reputation.


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Flashback Feng Shui Friday-Look for Signs!

Feng Shui can be very complicated, but sometimes it’s not.

The written word is strong and influential, especially if you see it everyday.

Red is the color of love, right?

But it’s also the color of Summer, and the South.

In Feng Shui, the color red is as...

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Beams over Beds in Feng Shui

There are a lot of opinions on beams over beds across all schools of Feng Shui.

We all have some sense that it is not good, but why? It is said that beams cut through w...

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Welcome back, Mercury Retrograde

Yes, I’m a believer...

• huge uptick in dropped calls

• mishaps


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Does Artwork Create a Bad Feng Shui Situation?

One of the many Feng Shui classes I’ve taken warned us about artwork creating a bad Feng Shui situation. No headless people, no single self Portraits(especially if you want a relationship) and avoid abstract art.

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Clearing Your Inbox

Last night, we had the pleasure of watching “Hoarders.” We’ve never seen it before and we were pretty astounded at how people literally bury themselves in meaningless garbage. 

Here comes May, the month of the Dragon and the height of Spring. In Classic Form Feng Shui, the dragon resides in the Southeast and is considered lucky for bringing abundance. This does not mean you should stock up on dragon...

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Feng Shui and Ceiling Fans

It’s getting to be that time of year! The heat is on and so are the ceiling fans. I get asked often at this time of year if ceiling fans are ok in terms of Feng Shui-especially over the bed.

Rounding out the office series, I’m going to give you your best facing direction for your desk.

I’m a western house person and I face North...

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Are you East or West?

Beware the Ides of March

As we approach March 15, otherwise known as the Ides of March, we know Spring is in the air. Rabbits and eggs everywhere-fertility, birth, daylight savings. In Ancient Rome, it was the date that debts had to be settled.
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Learning the Bazi...and 22 Chinese characters

So... my homework; I wrote all of these characters! And I actually know what they mean. Ok, it’s not beautiful, but still!

Learning something completely new is daunting...

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February, Yang Wood and Offices

Remember my office reveal last week? Well, my office has a lot of it! Wood holds the promise of Spring and February, the Tiger month is charging toward Spring and growth. Wood inside an office or home in the form of flooring,...

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恭喜发财 Happy New Year!

Yesterday marked the official Chinese New Year-May this Metal Ox year be healthy and easy! 

I was talking to Deb, my office manager, and she reminded me about turtles-...

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Feng Shui and Textiles

I was visiting one of my accounts this week, Phillips Lighting and Home in Modesto, and we were chatting about creativity that has stemmed from the pandemic. Creative people like these women need an outlet, and the most recen...

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Dreaming of Japan

I’ve been talking about Japan in my last couple of Feng Shui Fridays in reference to their design aesthetic. The images I’ve been perusing for my recent Feng Shui Fridays makes me long to go back to Japan. After all, Japa...

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Wabi Sabi...what?

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Rainbows and Butterflies....and Feng Shui

After my dad passed away, every time I saw a double rainbow, I decided that was him saying "hi." Rainbows evoke feelings of positivity-the storm’s over, sun coming out and butterflies.

Here Comes the Metal Ox

2021 ushers in the year of the Metal Ox and we bid adieu to that Metal Rat that literally plagued us in 2020!

A Year of Restoration

2021 ushers in the year of the Metal Ox. This year is supposed to be a year of restoration. Phew! We all need that after 2020. 

Pantone has chosen the colors for 2...

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Elements and the Visible Planets

I learned today that the 5 elements integral to Feng Shui come from the five observable planets we can see from Earth with the naked eye. It makes sense that what was observed is the basis for science thousands of years ago....

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Floyd and Stove Position

We have a kitchen!!!!!

Yes, a rough stage, but we can cook, wash dishes and we have counters... plywood until the soapstone gets put in, but it’s such progress.

This is my first book on the list for my course-there are at least a dozen books in my course list, but I’m chomping at the bit to tackle them. 

In Chinese Metap...

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When the Consultant Consults the Master

2020 has been a year for injuries in our household. Finding myself unable to Feng Shui Floyd, because life is just like that, I consulted a master. Richard Ashworth is a published master who is one of the only world renowned

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When life gives you lemons

This evening, my friend, who is also my neighbor, brought us these beautiful fragrant lemons...and cream bars....But the lemons! They remind me of my childhood, of hope and sun and life, and the smell and color bring me to li...

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Autumnal Equinox and Feng Shui

Sept 21 or 22 marks the change to Fall 🍁! Fall is my favorite season of the year. It’s warm in the day but cold at night. The earth’s ecliptic is at a lower angle so the light is not as intense, and the colors are beau...

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Balancing Elements

Tom and I both grew up in Palos Verdes. We are back, staying with Tom’s parents as we were evacuated from our house in Mount Hermon in the Santa Cruz Mountains. 


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Floyd's Floors

So, yesterday the guys finished laying the floors and we moved back upstairs last night! Finally, a bathroom 10 feet away!!! 

The floors are reclaimed tobacco barn pin...

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Feng Shui and Master Bedrooms

One of the important areas inside the home to create good Feng Shui is the master bedroom. The bed is, of course, the most important element in the mix, so choose wisely! 

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We love them, I love them-we wish they could last forever, like my bridal bouquet and Tom’s boutonnière. Thank you, Dyana Zweng at A Bit of Earth Flowers - you are a true artist!

We are prepping…for a dog! Said dog must be cool with cats, as Licorice is going strong at 18+. It’s time. What do dogs, and pets in general have to do with Feng Shui? Feng Shui is about the home, where it is, the forms

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Going Home

After 3 long months in Palo Alto to be near Stanford Hospital following Tom’s heart transplant, we are finally home! In the basement, yes, but home. 

Floyd got a bathroom makeover! He went from rustic, dark yin, to a more yang space. 

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Eclipse, Mercury Retrograde, Big Change

Yay! Summer Is here! June 21 marked the Summer Solstice of 2020. The longest day of the year, coupled with a rare Solstice solar eclipse. It is said by some Feng Shui Masters if you observed this solstice solar eclipse outsid...

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Tom and Healing in Nature

As many of you know, my partner Tom had a rather sudden heart transplant at Stanford on April 6, 2020.

Our Bazi (Chinese astrology birth chart) interpreted by Richard A...

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Water and Feng Shui

Last Sunday, Tom and I went riding around our house-OKA Henry Cowell State Park. We ended up having to cross the river to get where we were going. Tom rode across of course! I walked in bare feet.

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Earth and Healing

Fixing Floyd’s Flora 

Floyd, our house, age: 109 years and counting.

When we purchased Floyd, he was overwrough...

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Bending Metal in times of great stress

Many Classical Feng Shui practitioners predicted a year of worldwide turmoil and widespread illness of the lungs for this Metal Rat year; if we’d only known! This Metal Rat year is Yang energy, whereas next year, 2021, the

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Knowing When To Move On

We cannot fix everything; I think this is the collective acknowledgement of 2020. The year of the Metal Rat is directly opposed to me, the Fire Horse. I was told it would be a year of struggle. Yes. I’ve been fighting this

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Feng Shui Floyd

As some of you have seen, my neighbor and I have been hitting the cast iron tub in Floyd’s upstairs bath with a vengeance, and a lot of power tools.

The tub is cast iron,...

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Ensconced By Floyd

Yesterday,  I caught up with my good friend and mentor, Martha Graham. She said something very interesting about my house, Floyd, she said that he has "ensconced us and protected us."

Many of you know I’ve been studying Feng Shui since 1992, where I was introduced to it while living in Japan. 

As with all knowledge, it is a lifetime of learnin...

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''Abandon hope, all ye who enter here"

Rodin’s famous sculpture, "The Three Phases," snapped by me on my walk on the Stanford campus while Tom was getting a routine post heart transplant test. 

If you are...

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During COVID19, we are living in Palo Alto, our new neighborhood. I’m kind of obsessed with my new neighbor’s gardens. Gardening activity is up now as it is solitary and deemed safe. 

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Yin and Yang and Feng Shui

Yin and yang is a basic tenet of Feng Shui but is often difficult to observe. Now that we are relegated to our homes, it is helpful to see what kind of home you live in. Mountains are often considered yin as they do not

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The Phoenix, Nepenthe and Feng Shui

Ok, so this is an interpretive Phoenix carved of wood at Nepenthe, Big Sur, one of my favorite spots on the planet. Nepenthe is a drug derived from a plant during Greek times to produce forgetfulness (lots of us would like th...

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Year of the metal rat

I had read that 2020, year of the metal rat, was going to be a very unstable year. I never could’ve imagined this scenario, still unfolding; certainly one for the history books. 

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Wood Houses

Houses built from wood are really the most common, our house Floyd being the example for today. Wood is great for inspiring ideas and action, but it needs balance. Too much wood, and you get tension and fighting in the home b...

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Floyd's New Fridge!

You know this photo-you’ve even taken a photo just like this. You’re in the airport long term parking lot, and you know, for certain, that you are going to forget where you parked. 

We went for our traditional New Years Day ride on Jan 1, and I finally spotted the elusive indigenous banana slug! He is bright, bright yellow as you can see and it got me thinking about colors and Feng Shui.

Cats are a symbol of good luck in many Asian cultures and in Feng Shui Maneki Neko=good luck cat in Japan. Our lucky black cat, Licorice, is on the road with us to LA to visit family. We will let you know if our trip was fill...

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shoganai - It can’t be helped; unavoidable; accepting one’s fate; accepting a situation with stoicism and dignity; moving on with acceptance and without drama or a meltdown. 

We recently rescued these from our kitchen demo of Floyd. They were clearly handmade, and everyone who saw them seemed to love them. 

They are ceramic and represent the el...

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House Colors

Recently, I was asked about house colors and if there are auspicious and not auspicious house colors.

In Feng Shui, there is much disagreement about this.

Mercury Retrograde is Oct. 31-Nov. 20.

-Lost communication devices (I’ve lost my phone 6 times since Mercury Retrograde started Oct 31)

These two guys are straight from Floyd’s entry. Another great gift from our generous new, old house (108 mighty years) named Floyd.  They were on piers and were literally toppling over. 


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What Homes Reveal

America’s exuberance with “the perfect home” is affirmed by the myriad of pins, boards, blogs and sites dedicated to reaching this goal. 

Sometimes, we fight...

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Going Home

I told you I was not going to talk about death for awhile-so I’m going to talk about life and coming home. 

My mom died last Sunday after a long fight with heart...

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Words Do Matter

I  recently attended a conference for lighting, ALA, or better known as American Lighting Association. While there, I attended a great course on public speaking, which was so fun, eye opening, and, believe it or not...

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Wood, wood and more wood

We bought a house! It’s all wood-wood inside, wood outside-even wood floors under the hideous carpet!! 

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Fish and Feng Shui

Many people ask me if they should get goldfish for good luck and good Feng Shui. 

While fish are known to be a FS cure and absorb negative energy, historically it was said...

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Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door

I promise no more talk of death after this post for awhile...

People often ask me if Feng Shui can prevent death or stave it off. I wish I had better news, but the shor...

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Today I will be saying farewell to a friend, a mentor, a great man.

Even out of such profound sadness, the light will come. So many people will gather together to honor...

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Water and Career

In Feng Shui, career is located in the Northern sector of the bagua. 
If you are working on a career change, a career upgrade or any enhancement of a career, then water is an element to add to this sector. 

It’s the end of another Mercury Retrograde, and what a ride it was. Especially difficult for water signs, this retrograde was intensified by other planetary events and eclipses.

I get asked a lot about artwork and Feng Shui, especially about colors. There are corresponding colors to each area of the Bagua, but you do have to be careful about the artwork you choose and where to place it. 

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Take a walk on the wild side

The Japanese have a word for it-Shinrin-Yoku or Forrest bathing. The Japanese believe it is important to make an effort to regularly connect with nature. Feng Shui loves a balanced being, and this is a perfect way to balance

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Be careful what you lie on

I love Jesus Of The Day, and hopefully am not offending anyone.

In Feng Shui, red in the bedroom is very auspicious for romance...most of the time.

This is Licorice. He’s 18, totally blind, and the best cat ever.

Pets and animals fall under the category of fire in Feng Shui.

Feng Shui and yoga are not intrinsically connected, but the principles do overlap. I’m not a yoga fan, but I’ve gone from pure hatred to an acceptance of its existence and some tolerance to the idea and practice. I’ve c...

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Show me the money

Trying to land a new client or gain a tenant? 

Put 3 red folders on your desk or workspace. If the space is in the East, Northeast or West, Southwest, tape 3 Chinese coins...

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“A tisket, a tasket, what the *#€< do I do with all of these baskets?”

If you’re like me, you collect things that are of interest to you. Confession time: I love little Japanese characters, glass bottles, and baskets. It’s a thing, and Marie Kondo would have a seizure, but I do gather these

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Feng Shui and Ducks

Ducks, or pairs of mandarin ducks specifically, are a symbol of romantic love in Feng Shui. People often will put a pair of ceramic ducks, a male and a female, together in the relationship area of their home (Southwest corner...

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GoT and Earth

The finale of Game of Thrones is nearing..😱😥Winter is truly over. The battle for the throne was intense, right? And didn’t we savor the fight to the death between the Hound and his brother, the Mountain?

It’s difficult to remember the abundance of the element wood factors into the landscape of GoT. How could everything burn so well otherwise?

Wood feeds fire, and therefor...

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Game of Thrones Feng Shui element breakdown-water

**Spoiler Alert**

Well, the Night King has been reduced to, well, chunks of ice, and Winter is officially over. All that ice is really just water, an important element in F...

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GoT FSF Fire

Yes, Season 8, episode 1-poor Ned Umber! But what a great example of fire!

Fire in Feng Shui is all about fame and power. Fire is appropriate in the South but can also be p...

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A Word About Plants

Plants are very good Feng Shui, but really only in certain places.

Not in bedrooms. Not in the center of the home, because this is basically the brain of the home and you

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Working 9 to 5???

Is your career stagnant? Overwhelmed? Whatever the issue, you are in luck this year as the career area (North sector) is visited by a good star. This is the area for promotions, education, writing and creativity. Add the wate...

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Isn’t it romantic?

This year, in the year of the boar, it is important to add the element metal to the romance and relationship area (Southwest sector of space) to neutralize the bad energy from this star… so if your love life is fizzling-add...

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Spring is Here!

Welcome to Spring and an important time in Feng Shui. This is time to spring clean and declutter! Bring fresh flowers into your home and place them in the East. But remember to throw them away as they begin to die. It’s a g...

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Beware the Ides of March

Historically, the IDEs of March, or the middle dates as they did not number the days of the month in Ancient Rome, are here.

Historically known as a day of bad fort...

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Mercury Retrograde and Yellow

Yes, it’s that time again: Mercury Retrograde - time for confusing conversations, travel delays and electronics on the fritz.

To counteract the communication di...

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Fire Elements

Fire is a very powerful element in Feng Shui, and I have fire elements throughout our home and in my office.

This year, it’s particularly true for the center of your stru...

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Salt Cures

This new year of the Earth Pig is the perfect time to administer salt cures in your home or office.

You will need:

* t...

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Elements and stuff...

Feng Shui is much about the balancing of elements in a space...for example...

Too much earth, and you feel heavy and stuck, too much metal, you feel sensitive and over regi...

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Happy New Year!

It’s officially the year of the Earth Boar. But just because it’s an earth year does not mean we need to add earth. Earth, is, however, helpful if added in the East this year. Adding ceramic vases, bowls, or other earth b...

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Rainbows and stuff

As we transition into the Chinese New Year, the year of the Earth Pig (Boar), it is a good time to evaluate objects, people, and behaviors that no longer serve us. This next year brings fortune and challenges to navigate, bes...

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2019 is All About the Metal in Feng Shui!

New year, more metal! This year, the stars are challenging with respect to a Feng Shui. It’s a year that seems to need more metal. There are several areas that need me...

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Feng Shui and Health

This year started off with a health scare of my own. Luckily, everything is ok, but it didn’t look good for a moment there.

Feng Shui health area is in the center of your...

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Cloudy skies ahead

Welcome to th...

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Helpful people, travel, and the holidays

Maybe your family has descended upon you, or maybe you are traveling to family or friends for the Holidays. In either case, it’s advisable to tune up your helpful people and travel sector STAT!

As we enter into shorter days and longer nights leading up to Winter Solstice on Dec 21, we also say goodbye to Mercury retrograde. 
MR, as I affectionately call it, ended yesterday, as did the symptoms of the retrograde-...

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Wind and Water

Feng Shui means wind and water-we have lots of both right now, as demonstrated by the dead palm leaves all over the front yard.
We’ve been through a lot recently in California, first the devastating fires, now t...

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Going Home...

Mercury Retrograde and Thanksgiving. In Feng Shui, we spend a lot of time with others in their homes or in our own. Pay attention to what emotions these places evoke. Time for anything beginning with RE. Today, I came home; one of my first homes a...

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Money Trees

Money trees are used to enhance wealth. They are made from a variety of materials; my newest one is bronze. This year, metal is a good material to use for a Money tree and is very auspicious in the Southeast area of your home or office to promote e...

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Gourds & Feng Shui

It’s that time of year again; my favorite. The days are shorter, the nights are longer, but the air is fresh...and the colors!!!!
Gourds are coincidentally great Feng Shui elements for this time of year. They re...

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I don’t know about all of you, but I’m really bad at drinking enough water. The result-headaches and a scratchy throat! What does this have to do with Feng Shui? Water, one of the 5 elements, is a balancing force for your space and for your bo...

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Light and Fire

Light and Fire is an essential Feng Shui element. How do you know if your lights are good Feng Shui? It’s all about balance and placement, but some fixtures are more dominant in one or two elements and that will influence the space differently. Bel...

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Happy Labor Day!

It’s ironic that this holiday where many people are eeking out the last vestiges of Summer and holiday and the day sounds like work! It reminds me that when we talk about how we feel, it’s important to pay attention to how we feel. “I’m sw...

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Fibonacci Sequence

In mathematics, the Fibonacci numbers are the numbers in the following intege...

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Crows, crows everywhere!

Animals are good Feng Shui in the right place (south), at the right time, and in the right quantity (not too many). Hoarders and lots of animals in close quarters are not so good. Pets are good and can absorb negative energy and add balance to a spa...

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Dog Days of Summer

Do you ever wonder why we call this time of year “The Dog Days of Summer?" It is the time of year when the brightest star, Sirius, becomes prominent in the Northern hemisphere night sky. The Greeks called the star Canis Majoris which translates int...

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My New Desk

Wood is generally the best Feng Shui element for a desk. It’s grounding, brings focus and collaboration. My new desk is great because it’s both rectangular and rounded so there is sharpness and softness for good balan...

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Beware-Mercury Retrograde is Coming

Mercury Retrograde is the phenomenon when our neighbor, Mercury, passes earth at a slower speed than we are traveling and looks as if it is moving in the opposite direction. Wh...

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Spider Haven

We have recently been house hunting in the Santa Cruz area. We’ve seen some pretty scary places with some really bad Feng Shui. One in particular up in the mountains caught my eye. Below is the name of the property:
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Feng Shui, Wallets, Money

I happen to have a tricked out Feng Shui wallet, so this ties in beautifully to my Maneki Neko post last Friday. Because wallets hold your money and other forms of currency (credit cards, debit cards), their organization is important...

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Fu Dogs

The dog days of summer! To boost your chi as we enter the long stretch of Summer, Fu dogs(also known as Lion Dogs) are a great addition to your space as a symbol of protection and family wealth. They are placed as a couple, a male and f...

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Maneki Neko-Beckoning cat

Ever wonder about all of the porcelain cats by the front door of Japanese and Chinese restaurants? These are Maneki Neko-translation=invitation cat. The origin is somewhat murky, but we do know they originated in Japan, and the raised paw is mea...

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The Eye Has It

Choosing art for your home In Feng Shui, sometimes the cure is worse than the ailment. When we Feng Shui our space, we are told to balance elements, add colors, pay attention to what we put on our walls. Being an Art...

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Pineapples are hot!

I’m seeing pineapples on shirts, sheets, pillows and in home decor. The pineapple is a symbol of welcome for the home, and a nice element boost in Feng Shui. The pineapple below is from my line, Hinkley Lighting, and is an element mix of metal

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With friends like these...

Pictures of friends and family are great to surround yourself with and to aid you in your helpful people area (the Northwest quadrant). Not so great in the bedroom; even if your bedroom is in the Northwest quadrant. The bedroom should be free of imag...

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Summer is Coming Fast!

For those hot summer nights, if you desire a romantic relationship or want to stoke the romantic fire in an existing relationship, purple is a great choice for bedding. Purple, although not a primary romance sector color in Feng Shui (those are red,

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Keep Buddha Statues Out of Your Bedroom

I am a huge fan of Buddha and Quan Yin statues; in fact, I am a bit of a collector. These are great for adding elements to to a space, and for adding strong cures to specific areas. More on that later. Where they are NOT good is in your bedroom....

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This is art, this is light!

This art installation is from one of my manufacturers, PureEdge Lighting at a lighting show I recently attended in Chicago. I love it because it captures the essence of everything that we aspire to in Feng Shui. Feng Shui is about movement, balance

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Keep Work Out of the Bedroom

Having a desk with your bills, computer and work is one of the fastest ways to kill romance. The fastest, by the way, is to have a big tv in your bedroom. Consider removing the desk if you can relocate it, or, at the very least, get a desk that ca...

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Seeing Red...

Red, long the color of romance, is appropriate in reasonable doses in your bedroom according to Feng Shui. If a little is good, a lot is better does not apply here. Feng Shui is about Balance. A pair of red candles is good, but you must light them...

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Looking for love in all the wrong places?

Looking for love in all the wrong places? You may be in need of a chi adjustment. Take a look at your bedroom and make sure that you have room on both sides of your bed to get out of the bed. It is best if you have matching nightstands and lamps or l...

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Spring Flowers!

Spring is all about flowers! So many colors and shapes and smells! Where to put them and when to dispose of them? Flowers are best when in their prime and are best in the East, Southeast and Southern parts of your home. All colors work as long as the...

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Friday the 13th-Yikes!

But in Feng Shui, 13 is not an unlucky number-however, adding 1 and 3 together, you get 4, which is unlucky as the word for 4, “shi,” means death. In fact, in Japanese, they do not say the word "shi" for the number 4, they use the word “yon”

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2nd Quarter On Fire

As we enter the second quarter of 2018, it is a good time to boost your business prospects. Take a look at the North center of your home and office and make sure that you have strong water elements. This is your career

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Good Friday!

Happy Holidays for those celebrating. This time of year is a time for renewal-why? Because it is Spring and it is Mercury Retrograde so all things that we do that have a RE in the beginning is important-Regenerate, rebo...

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Much Ado About the Ashes

After the loss of our spectacular Earth Dog, Mandy, last week, the subject of Feng Shui and cremated pets weighs fresh in my mind; what to do with the ashes? There are many schools of thought on this-the ashes are yin and you should scatter them o...

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Lucky Yellow

Yellow is the lucky color for the year of the earth dog. Yellow is related to communication as well as heath. If you are able to wear yellow and feel good in the color yellow or yellow accents, this is a good color to d...

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Lucky Colors

Colors do play a part in the Feng Shui of a space and even on a person. Wearing a specific color can make a person more or less confident, and even though Feng Shui is about placement in a physical space, colors are kno...

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Good Feng Shui Clothing Colors

The year of the earth dog favors yellow as a color to surround yourself with for good luck in 2018. The problem is, there are about 3 people in the world who look great in yellow and for most, not so much. Do colors tha...

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Can Feng Shui keep me from getting ill?

It’s Flu season! Can Feng Shui keep me from getting ill? Can Feng Shui cure my illness? Feng Shui can support good health, but if you do get ill, an old Feng Shui cure is to put a bowl of raw rice into a ceramic bowl and put it under the ill perso...

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Relationship Area and Prosperity

For 2018, prosperity sits in the area of the bagua associated with relationships, or the Southwest area of your home. Time to add some earth to solidify the connection between these two 2. Keep a ceramic cup on your bedside table or something ceramic...

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Retail Feng Shui

I visit a lot of retail spaces in my line of work; some are inspiring, some are working to do so, some less so. I love when a showroom has natural flow and balance, with a good mix of colors and elements. My customer, Lighting Unlimited in Camer...

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Jade Plants to Increase Prosperity

Jade plants are a great way to boost your prosperity! Even in the middle of winter, these succulents provide color and can thrive in most environments. Traditionally given as a gift in the business world, these plants create good chi wh...

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Are Lights Feng Shui?

I get asked this a lot, being in the Lighting industry. The short answer is yes, Lighting is Feng Shui, sometimes good and sometimes bad. Light equates to fire element, which is good in the south direction of your home. But most lights are made of...

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Happy 2018

Want to manifest some dreams for the new year and activate some positive chi to achieve your goals? Get together a vision board of things you want to accomplish, places you want to go, and things you want to achieve through pictures. They have to be

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