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My education in Feng Shui, or the art of placement,began in Japan in 1992. I was teaching English in Sendai, and my employers and his wife were trying to have a baby. One Feng Shui Master and 5 empty white picture frames later, they were expecting, and I was hooked. Over the next 20 years, I've consumed over 30 books on the subject, and have practiced 3 variations of Feng Shui from 3 schools of thought in my many consultations. I have arrived at a practice that combines the Form School, Flying Star elements, and Black Hat, or Western Feng Shui. I utilize traditional Feng Shui principles, but use a Western perspective with respect to architecture, property layout, and land location. I've completed a gold level Feng Shui practitioners program and am a graduate and professional member of the International Feng Shui Guild. My expertise lies in achieving a balance of all areas in a retail or personal space while maintaining the aesthetic integrity in order to achieve the client's goals. -Melissa Leib.

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The finale of Game of Thrones is nearing..😱😥Winter is truly over. The battle for the throne was intense, right? And didn’t we savor the fight to the death between the Hound and his brother, the Mountain?

The Mountain represents earth. Though the fall to a fiery death (of course, the only way for the Hound to go), earth is seen all around in this scene. Most of these medieval castles and fortresses are made of stone, which is earth, after all! 

This year, earth is very helpful to add in the East to the #6 metal star-Earth enhances the East-so put pottery, plates mugs, those cute clay Game of Throne collectibles in the east to boost the good energy.

You can also use Earth in the center of your home or space as it is an earth element sector.