Feng Shui & Karma

I’ve been thinking a lot about Karma recently. This week, facing a major email breach, Floyd’s construction being halted by a neighbor, and, in a greater scope, the Corona Virus. This Metal Rat year, 2020, is set to be a year of great tumult and transformation. Out of the ashes kind of transformation. It is my hope that “karma” balances everything out, and sometimes, in moments of great frustration, I wish I could harness and direct that karmic retribution onto the people who’ve wronged me. (I can’t, by the way, Feng Shui doesn’t work that way)

Though Feng Shui and Karma are not connected in any formal sense, inhabiting a space with good Feng Shui can allow us to behave in a way where we reap good karma. Good Feng Shui allows us to weather the bad in the most graceful manner, and allows us to recognize and appreciate the good.