Floyd Shui Friday

Melissa Leib

Melissa Leib

So… I found this necklace while raking up in our yard. Floyd produced another interesting mystery. That, or a Brady Bunch Tiki God curse 😖

It appears to be a necklace made of wood beads and maybe plastic what is supposed to be saber tooth tiger teeth. Well, it is the year of the tiger. 

When Floyd gives us these little gifts, I always try to derive meaning from it. Why this? What does it mean? 

I think sometimes the why is just because I happened to unearth it and perhaps it has no meaning. It is strange, and nothing I would ever wear. It is wood and the faux animal teeth could relate to fire…animals= fire.

So maybe this gift gets hung somewhere, maybe not. In the end, if it sparks my curiosity, then it’s a good if not weird gift from Floyd.