Going Home

Melissa Leib

Melissa Leib

I told you I was not going to talk about death for awhile-so I’m going to talk about life and coming home. 

My mom died last Sunday after a long fight with heart failure. My mom was tenacious, smart, funny-I loved her so much, words cannot express, and I will miss her every day. She is home now, next to my dad, resting in peace back in Walnut Creek. This journey has brought me home too, to a new home for me and Tom, and home to my religious roots. Home is both a place and a feeling, home is community, and without community to lift us up, I believe we are sunk. So I move on to our new physical home, where I will be applying all of the Feng Shui principles to insure success in every aspect of our lives. There is also the home that I cannot touch, or draw a plan for, even though it exists in walls. 

I am Jewish, and over the past week, have made it through our High Holidays and New Year with the support of my Jewish community in Walnut Creek. It’s a long drive from Santa Cruz, but they have given me something the newest, sparkliest, fanciest home cannot-they gave me community. 

So we are both home, my mom and I-she in my heart, and I in my community.