Going Home…

Melissa Leib

Melissa Leib

Mercury Retrograde and Thanksgiving. In Feng Shui, we spend a lot of time with others in their homes or in our own. Pay attention to what emotions these places evoke. Time for anything beginning with RE.

Today, I came home; one of my first homes anyway, the town where I went to intermediate and high school-beautiful Palos Verdes. These, they say are some of the most formative years.

It’s good to go home, to RE-live memories, like buying oysters with guaranteed pearl inside at Redondo Beach Pier with your bff for $1.00 each (now $11.50 each)

RE-flect on the good things that have happened, RE-direct your energy to more positive thoughts and pursuits, RE-define your goals. RE-examine your past, present or future plans. Most important, RE-visit your childhood.