FSF GoT Wood

Melissa Leib

Melissa Leib

It’s difficult to remember the abundance of the element wood factors into the landscape of GoT. How could everything burn so well otherwise?

Wood feeds fire, and therefore, is easier to spot if you look (easier than spotting Starbucks cups for sure)

Here is wood right next to Tyrion-most of the structures and cremation platforms are made from wood.

Wood is associated with the Southeast, abundance and prosperity, as it feeds into the fire of fame and reputation Gua in the South.

This year, wood is not used to enhance the good stars or weaken the bad stars, but is ok to have in the East to support family and finances in moderation, and in the Southeast for prosperity. 

Wood can be actual wood, or plants, and of course things made of wood.

Dimond Lighting 3215-014
Triple Barrel LED Wood Tone with Rust Chandelier Ceiling Light
Dimond Lighting 3215-015
Barnstorm LED 20 inch Wood Tone with Pewter Pendant Ceiling Light
Dimond Lighting
Single Barrel Weathered Antique Brass and Black Four-Light Chandelier