Is That Blood?

Melissa Leib

Melissa Leib

Don’t ask… this was taken in San Francisco so the odds are about 100% that this is blood-I don’t look so closely, I just snapped and ran.

Blood is associated with, you guessed it, the element of water. In fact, any liquid produced by or coming out of the body is associated with the element of water. The kidneys are also associated with the element of water. 

If you have issues with blood or blood diseases, you should investigate the Northwest and North direction of your space. If the area needs attention, so might your blood health. To bolster the water element, add metal, as metal supports water, or you may need to add water. Do this incrementally and see if you see improvement. Water should not sit still; it should move slowly as in a small fountain. It should not be allowed to get dirty.

If you have too much water, you may feel unwell. In this case, you’d need to add wood in the northwest, or, if water is excessive, add a little fire in the South.

Final word of advice; always clean up the blood!