Is Your Top Blowing? Lid Flipping?

Is your top blowing? Is your lid flipping? Your clients, children, friends, and otherwise convivial people? Rage, specifically road rage is the theme of the last few weeks going into next week in September.

I’ve been noticing this EVERYWHERE!!! In fact, I saw an altercation in moving vehicles on the road today! It finally dawned on me we are in a monkey month in a tiger year. Monkeys and tigers clash hard, so this Monkey month is usually pretty contentious! This month is no exception. 

So what to do? Avoid confrontation. Seriously, don’t take the bait, count to 10-this too shall pass. If you get involved, it will not end well. 

Just take a walk, literally or figuratively. This will ease in the second part of September. In the meantime, let the ragers rage and stay out of the way.