Meet Floyd

Melissa Leib

Melissa Leib

We think our houses’s name is Floyd. Floyd is 108 years old. He’s quirky, has lots of surprises, including an original claw foot tub, a secret room and original Douglas Fir Hardwood throughout hidden under 5 layers of linoleum and plywood.

Floyd has carpets that look like a tiger had a major meltdown. Floyd has solid redwood everywhere, and it’s beautiful, but sometimes overpowering. He also suffers from severe differed maintenance, which we will be working on for awhile. He’s a massive project, but out of over 100 homes that we looked at, Floyd spoke to us, literally/he creaked. Floyd picked us to live here and work on him. 

Our goal is to restore Floyd to his glory, remaining true to the period and the materials. We need to lighten Floyd’s load, as he has settled and moved over the years as he’s built on a sloping hill. Floyd also needs a Feng Shui makeover to balance out all that wood. 

Floyd was called “the buckeye” and he was a hunting lodge in his early years. We don’t hunt, but do want to leave that vibe in the design aesthetic for Floyd. 

Mostly, Floyd needs love and attention, just like anyone. Stay tuned for our journey with Floyd as you see him transformed into the house he deserves to be. 

*And I’m sorry (for those of you who are color sensitive) to say that Floyd’s exterior may be yellow when this is all done, but that’s just a guess.