Paying Attention

Melissa Leib

Melissa Leib

You know this photo-you’ve even taken a photo just like this. You’re in the airport long term parking lot, and you know, for certain, that you are going to forget where you parked. 

This year I took the photo, but I paid close attention to where I had parked. 
I flew to Dallas Market and straight into a whirlwind show. So much happened, but I vowed that this year, I will focus on paying attention.
This is not a new concept to me; my Aikido Sensei gave me this very advice in 1993… see, I paid attention, to the chronology anyway. Easy to forget, easy to ignore, but this year, one of my resolutions was to do so more often and more deliberately.

I saw my first banana slug on a bike ride New Years Day, I remembered to bring everything on my packing list to Dallas, I even remembered where I parked and didn’t need to reference the picture. 

I think if we all paid attention more and better, we’d not only be more balanced ourselves, but I contend that we would create a more peaceful and balanced sense of being externally. After all, we are what is in our head, and mine was a mess in 2019. I vowed to clean it up for 2020, and, though it’s a work in progress, it is in process! 

Pay Attention! You may be surprised at what you see. 
Good Fortune!