Secrets/Lies and Meditation

Take a deep breath…

Last week I touched on what was a week packed full of emotions for me. Well, I made it! So how do I/we/you weather these crazy times? Bad weeks, bad years? 

First, I’m going to share another secret about me. I suffer from chronic anxiety. My trigger: If I wasn’t able to breath through my nose (cold, allergies etc), I’d have full-blown, gasping for air, paper bag breathing episodes.

But if you ask me, I was fine. I’m fine! 

For years, every mentor, practitioner, doctor kept telling me “you really should meditate.”

I finally said yes to a 6 week program which my Dr referred me to that is run through Stanford.

When I lived in Japan, I did learn how to meditate in my Aikido classes. I didn’t continue the practice once I got home, but really wish I had! 

I could go on and on about the benefits of consistent daily practice, but here are some facts:

After 8 weeks of consistent daily meditation, the structure of your brain changes…yes, really. 

You can repair your DNA through consistent meditation

You can extend your natural life by years through consistent meditation

You perform better on standardized tests

You can lower your blood pressure with consistent meditation

The list goes on and on and is quite impressive.

Almost anyone CAN do it-it’s a question of whether they will and when. 

There’s never a shortage of bad stuff going on, this is an inexpensive way to help mitigate our responses to the bad stuff.

So that’s my big reveal… my big advice. Don’t wait to get started if you want to see some positive change.

There is no shortage of free apps and videos that will guide you in meditation. I use Insight Timer (free) and Oura because the app accompanies purchase of an Oura ring. Oura ring is outstanding, btw.