Seeking Calmness: The Year of the Water Rabbit

Melissa Leib

Melissa Leib

Sunday, January 22 ushers in the Lunar new year of the water rabbit.

This year is about seeking calmness and about the family and home. As if we hadn’t spent enough time at home in 2020! But this year is different, and we are naturally drawn to home and spending time in it. Hopefully, we like what we see. If not, there’s plenty of time for nesting.

This year will be less dynamic than 2022, with less aggression and more methodical contemplation. Rash, aggressive moves and behavior will backfire this year; you should really go with the flow, or be prepared to suffer setbacks. 

This year is also one to think about others, community, and showing empathy. It is also a year where peace is possible to negotiate, and we may see some successful peace agreements reached this year. 

Good timing as we all need some peace.

So take a deep breath and say hello to the rabbit!