When life gives you lemons

This evening, my friend, who is also my neighbor, brought us these beautiful fragrant lemons…and cream bars….But the lemons! They remind me of my childhood, of hope and sun and life, and the smell and color bring me to life! 

In Feng Shui, lemons signify abundance, especially 9 lemons. I have more than 9 in my bowl – but I’m digging in right after I write this. Lemons are said to have a purifying effect, and are said to clear negative energy. Well 2020, take that!!!

Getting lemons as a gift is extra special. Like somebody is coming in to take the negative out. We all have some negative energy to move right now, and we all need some abundance and Purification, like I said, it’s 2020.  So go get some lemons; put them out, eat them, squeeze them into lemonade, just don’t let them go bad. 

Going Home

After 3 long months in Palo Alto to be near Stanford Hospital following Tom’s heart transplant, we are finally home! In the basement, yes, but home. 

I recently found this picture of my parents; such a great photo! They are both gone, and deeply missed, especially now. I can’t think of going home without thinking of my parents; they are always on my mind these days.
I’ve been trying to replicate my childhood home my entire adult life. It was a 1920s bungalow in Studio City, it had pegged and grooved hardwood floors, stone, large and plaster, and really tall, ornate baseboard and crown moulding. It was cozy, it was my home. That is exactly what I’m chasing in order to cope with 2020.

With Floyd, I feel as if I’m completing the circle, coming back around to the beginning. Though Floyd is nothing like my childhood home, he is old, he’s authentic, and he’s part of Tom and me in a way that no other house really has been. I feel like my parents are here, watching over us… thinking we are crazy! 

These days, I yield to wild turkeys, pluck errant ivy, and talk with our neighbors about ground cover and shrubs. I wouldn’t have it any other way. We have arrived. 

Eclipse, Mercury Retrograde, Big Change

Yay! Summer Is here! June 21 marked the Summer Solstice of 2020. The longest day of the year, coupled with a rare Solstice solar eclipse. It is said by some Feng Shui Masters if you observed this solstice solar eclipse outside, you will have 2 years of bad luck. As if we needed any more! The yang of the sun is essentially covered by the yin of the moon during an hour where there is supposed to be light, so it is considered sha chi, or bad chi, to expose yourself to it. I stayed inside!  

Now we have Mercury Retrograde. June 17-July 12. Problems with communication, delays in travel, meetings. Don’t sign a contract or make big purchases. A great time to complete a project, or practice anything with re-Revive, reorganize, review, revisit. 

2020 will certainly be a year that we all remember, but with the Summer solstice, change is in the air (and by change I do not mean COVID) All of this planetary activity gives way to big shifts. The year is more than half over, and we have an opportunity to move in a different direction. Let’s take it, get out in the sun and begin the process of healing. 

solstice eclipse
Solstice Eclipse