Dog days of Summer, Feng Shui and pets

We are prepping…for a dog! Said dog must be cool with cats, as Licorice is going strong at 18+. It’s time. What do dogs, and pets in general have to do with Feng Shui? Feng Shui is about the home, where it is, the forms and elements surrounding it, timing, and who occupies the home. If your kids are of the furry variety, they also affect the energy of the home. The 4 legged kids are usually Yang Energy. We began discussing Yin and Yang energy a couple of weeks ago, so I want to give you some Yin Yang perspective regarding your pets.

Fish are yin, if you are wondering. Fish=water=yin when it’s still water.

Animals are associated with the South, and Fire element, making them Yang. They add good energy to homes, but it’s all about balance. Too much of a good thing becomes a problem if your pet’s health and your health suffer. No hoarding! How many is too many? If you have 30 acres, you can spread the love, if you have a 400ft studio in New York, think small and one.

Post your pets! We’d love to see them.

Licorice the cat
Our cat Licorice

Dog Days of Summer

Do you ever wonder why we call this time of year “The Dog Days of Summer?” It is the time of year when the brightest star, Sirius, becomes prominent in the Northern hemisphere night sky. The Greeks called the star Canis Majoris which translates into Dog Star.

This time is also associated with excessive heat, flood, fever and all around bad luck.

I’ll let you in on another secret; I’m an astronomy lover and I was an astronomy TA in college, so I love seeing Sirius this time of year!

But what does this mean in regards to Feng Shui? Summer corresponds to the South, yang energy, and to the element fire. Dogs, coincidentally, as animals are fire energy. This affects our fame and reputation area. To stoke your good reputation, let the light in in the southern part of your space. Add leather, the color red, photos of live animals or animals in motion. Light a candle, turn on your lights-whatever brings life to the south, and honor the dog and you should see success in your good reputation.