Enhancing Romance for 2020

For those of you who follow our antics with our new (108 year old) house, Floyd, you know that Floyd has lots of charming character. One of his recent gifts are these small ceramic ducks in our bathroom glued to the chair rail. I managed to remove a few, and this pair is a gift for a friend seeking a mate.

Pairs of ducks, cranes and birds in general is a symbol and a cure to achieve a good relationship that will lead to marriage. This pair is a female and a drake-they should be equal-ish in size to assist in equality in a relationship. Photos of pairs of birds work too. These go next to the bed on a side table for this friend based on the Bagua of that home, but a good place to put them is in the Southwest of your home or bedroom.

Feng Shui and Ducks

Ducks, or pairs of mandarin ducks specifically, are a symbol of romantic love in Feng Shui. People often will put a pair of ceramic ducks, a male and a female, together in the relationship area of their home (Southwest corner) .

Ducks are said to pick one mate/partner for life. If you’re looking for that life partner, first try a pair of ducks.