Floyd’s New Fridge!

Floyd got a new fridge today-thank goodness! Much more efficient and cute too!!! 

Feng Shui tip – it’s best to rid your house of old appliances that don’t work properly or are broken. 

House Colors

Recently, I was asked about house colors and if there are auspicious and not auspicious house colors.

In Feng Shui, there is much disagreement about this.

Color is important, but it depends on so many things. When your house was built, the direction of your house, the predominant material of your house and the inhabitants. This is why Feng Shui seems so complicated-it is! 

It is best to honor the material and to keep colors organic if you want to be safe. This gives a lot of choices but excludes magenta, purple, neon green-colors most of us don’t generally use for good reason. When in doubt, calm, natural tones are best and create a peaceful and welcoming presence for your home. 

Feng Shui House Colors

Birds and Feng Shui

These two guys are straight from Floyd’s entry. Another great gift from our generous new, old house (108 mighty years) named Floyd.  They were on piers and were literally toppling over. 

Wright Lighting and Fireside, I’m putting you on notice because I’m bringing these two in for a lighting makeover, STAT.

They are metal but are, or were, fitted with sockets and bulbs, a fire element, and meant to light the driveway. They are also animals, which are considered a fire element in Feng Shui. 

Metal and fire do different things to wood in Feng Shui. They each are a pretty severe way of quelling wood, or killing wood. But, when you have a house that is made entirely of wood and is literally in the woods, you need extreme balancing. We do not want to encourage too much fire, but rather cut the wood element down to scale in small ways, a little at a time. 

These two will be restored to their former glory and act as fire and metal guards for the wood house, and give it the balance it thirsts for.

Now, what to name them? 

Going Home

I told you I was not going to talk about death for awhile-so I’m going to talk about life and coming home. 

My mom died last Sunday after a long fight with heart failure. My mom was tenacious, smart, funny-I loved her so much, words cannot express, and I will miss her every day. She is home now, next to my dad, resting in peace back in Walnut Creek. This journey has brought me home too, to a new home for me and Tom, and home to my religious roots. Home is both a place and a feeling, home is community, and without community to lift us up, I believe we are sunk. So I move on to our new physical home, where I will be applying all of the Feng Shui principles to insure success in every aspect of our lives. There is also the home that I cannot touch, or draw a plan for, even though it exists in walls. 

I am Jewish, and over the past week, have made it through our High Holidays and New Year with the support of my Jewish community in Walnut Creek. It’s a long drive from Santa Cruz, but they have given me something the newest, sparkliest, fanciest home cannot-they gave me community. 

So we are both home, my mom and I-she in my heart, and I in my community.  

Words Do Matter

I  recently attended a conference for lighting, ALA, or better known as American Lighting Association. While there, I attended a great course on public speaking, which was so fun, eye opening, and, believe it or not, relevant to Feng Shui.

The way we speak and the words we choose to utter affect our perspective on things. This affects the way we operate in the world and in our space. 

“I was like,” “ummmm,” “you know” (actually, we don’t know, which is probably why we are at the training), they are all indicators that you may not have a handle on your presentation. 

The class helped us become aware of how we are speaking. It made me think about some everyday phrases we use and how it may affect our actions. 

“I’m under the gun”

“I’m swamped”

“I’m under the wire”

“I’m under water”

These phrases set us up for struggles, and present obstacles. Much like the filler words in our presentations, they change the message and the perception. 

Become more aware of what you put out there-words do matter. 

Wood, wood and more wood

We bought a house! It’s all wood-wood inside, wood outside-even wood floors under the hideous carpet!! 

What does it mean when your home is heavy in the wood element and what should you do?

Too much wood can be associated with arguments and fueling tempers. I’m going to say this house has too much wood. If you don’t want to argue, it’s best to try to achieve a balance of elements ASAP.

Metal is an element used to destroy wood, so I can use this sparingly to diffuse the wood. This is furniture, accessories and the colors gray and white. 

I will also use the fire element to reduce the strength of wood, as fire burns wood, but metal kills it. Think lights, candles, colors. 

Stay tuned for a full Feng Shui diagnosis and Renovation of my home coming soon. 

Take a walk on the wild side

The Japanese have a word for it-Shinrin-Yoku or Forrest bathing. The Japanese believe it is important to make an effort to regularly connect with nature. Feng Shui loves a balanced being, and this is a perfect way to balance the body and soul. Get your nature on! 

The scientifically-proven benefits of Shinrin-yoku include:

-Boosted immune system functioning, with an increase in the count of the body’s Natural Killer (NK) cells.
-Reduced blood pressure
-Reduced stress
-Improved mood
-Increased ability to focus, even in children with ADHD
-Accelerated recovery from surgery or illness
-Increased energy level
-Improved sleep

Just as impressive are the results that we are experiencing as we make
this part of our regular practice:
-Deeper and clearer intuition
-Increased flow of energy
-Increased capacity to communicate with the land and its species
-Increased flow of eros/life force
-Deepening of friendships
-Overall increase in sense of happiness

Be careful what you lie on

I love Jesus Of The Day, and hopefully am not offending anyone.

In Feng Shui, red in the bedroom is very auspicious for romance…most of the time.

Be careful that the pattern or overall effect is serene and romantic, and not reminiscent of a crime scene.
Pick red in small doses or as part of a pattern-too much red is too much yang and doesn’t support sleep. In this case, and with these sheets, you might never dare sleep again.


Yoga and stuff at the airport

Feng Shui and yoga are not intrinsically connected, but the principles do overlap. I’m not a yoga fan, but I’ve gone from pure hatred to an acceptance of its existence and some tolerance to the idea and practice. I’ve come a long way, baby.

Yoga focuses the mind and body in harmony, while Feng Shui focuses the mind and body with the physical space. Both help foster a sense of calm and balance using very different practices, but both aspire to reach the same goal.

Maybe you want to try yoga in the airport, or maybe not-I guess you’ll have to check out the Feng Shui of the space yourself. 

Show me the money

Trying to land a new client or gain a tenant? 

Put 3 red folders on your desk or workspace. If the space is in the East, Northeast or West, Southwest, tape 3 Chinese coins, with the 4 characters facing up, to the top of the folder. If you know the name of your perspective client, put their name on the folder in the corner. Put 3 folders out at a time. This will help bring the clients in and seal the deal. Put the folder away once the client is yours.

Good Fortune!