Floyd Friday Fire Prep


It’s fire season again, so this year, we are prepping early. Tom got on the roof to blow off what seems like 30 years of pine needles. 

If you describe your current state of being as “overwhelmed,” “at the breaking point,” “under the gun,” or “under water,” you may want to check the state of your roof. It’s probably full of debris or in poor condition. 

Weight on your roof sometimes translates to weight over your head. In addition to safety, regular maintenance of your roof is helpful to the overall health of your home’s Feng Shui. 

Floyd Update

Here’s a Floyd update, and a tease of what’s to come. Floyd is getting a new butler’s pantry that was previously a room of unknown use. We think it used to be a patio 50 years ago that someone closed in. Check out the video of the old room before, and the photo of the room in its “during” state today. Keep watching for the finished butler’s pantry…

Butler’s pantries can be uber tricked out! Coffee stations, ice makers, and tons of storage! If you have a butler‘s pantry or ideas for how to trick a butler’s pantry out, please send us your ideas!

My Inspiration:

Image Credit: fraicheliving.com via Pinterest
Image Credit: calviswyant.com via Pinterest
Image Credit: ikeahackers.net via Pinterest

Floyd and Stove Position

We have a kitchen!!!!!

Yes, a rough stage, but we can cook, wash dishes and we have counters… plywood until the soapstone gets put in, but it’s such progress.

The centerpiece of our kitchen is a fully refurbished O’Keefe and Merritt range, who I’ve not named yet… Ursula, Loretta…

Anyway, stove placement is one of the majors for the inside of the home. Ours faces North – Northwest, which is a very auspicious direction for me and Tom, who are western Gua 8s. It’s complicated, but one universal no-no for stoves is if they are directly opposite the sink. Noooooo-that’s exactly our setup. The cure for this is to place wood between the two-in our case a really, really, really narrow island or something that. 

kitchen before
kitchen wideshot

Yin and Yang; masculine and feminine energies that are perfectly balanced.

Floyd got a bathroom makeover! He went from rustic, dark yin, to a more yang space. 

Yang= crisp, light, white, shiny, noise, contrast

Yin-dark, soft, brown, earthy colors, quiet, consistent

Your home should have both yin and yang spaces, with a little more yang to get you moving.

Now Floyd’s bathroom is a clean, crisp place with a some yin remaining, and addition of lots of yang.

The black and white theme brings the opposites together. The wood trim is warmer, more yin, as is the tub. The floors are yang, so is the lighting. Floyd is definitely feeling more balanced now. 



Floyd’s New Fridge!

Floyd got a new fridge today-thank goodness! Much more efficient and cute too!!! 

Feng Shui tip – it’s best to rid your house of old appliances that don’t work properly or are broken. 

Bye Bye Built-ins

Floyd is coming along!

We finally moved in on Saturday Dec 7. He immediately revealed a plumbing emergency. The sewer line is running in the opposite tilt and is leaking into the kitchen! In order to do the plumbing and electrical right, the built-ins had to go. 

Bye Bye Built-ins Video

Stairway to Heaven – Floyd