Game of Thrones Feng Shui element breakdown-water

**Spoiler Alert**

Well, the Night King has been reduced to, well, chunks of ice, and Winter is officially over. All that ice is really just water, an important element in Feng Shui.

Water, flowing water, is helpful for success in business and is associated with the North-see the connection, the King of the North etc.

You should also add water to the the Southeast, prosperity area to weaken the negative impact of the bad star 7 hanging around this year.

How to add water? Well, moving water, not huge waves, pictures of slowly moving water, glass, mirrors…

Image: HBO
Palacial Chandelier

GoT FSF Fire

Yes, Season 8, episode 1-poor Ned Umber! But what a great example of fire!

Fire in Feng Shui is all about fame and power. Fire is appropriate in the South but can also be placed in the Southeast. This year, the stars are such that fire is appropriate in the center of your home or space to fuel success (the money star, 8, is in the center of the bagua this year).

So light those candles, turn on those lamps, add some red and get things heated!

Game of Thrones Feng Shui breakdown-Metal and the Iron Throne

If you are a GoT fan, or not, you can’t help but have come across this seat of spiky medieval iron. Seems like so many people want to sit in this Kafka-esqe looking device, I simply must analyze through my Feng Shui eyes.

Metal is all about organization, analysis, strategy without all of the emotion. Whoever sits on this throne is protected both by its high back and imposing poison arrows (aka spikes). I predict, however, a bumpy ride and an inability to stay in it due to its lack of invite. A battle for sure.

There are other ways to get your metal on, and keep it in the auspicious areas (South, Southeast for this Chinese year) check out my Game of Thrones inspired Chandelier courtesy of Hinkley Lighting.