Wabi Sabi…what?

Wabi Sabi took the interior design community by storm in 2020, and endures in 2021. But what is it and does it even relate to Feng Shui? Wabi Sabi is a Japanese concept, roughly translated as seeing beauty in imperfection. When I lived there, I saw effortless examples of this in pottery, furniture, tea ceremony and flower arranging.

It’s a concept that really can’t be forced, and I think, in that way, it relates to Feng Shui. Wabi Sabi is not cluttered, or austere- it’s real and you can see the human touch. I think in Feng Shui, there is almost always imbalance and constant change and there really is no such thing as perfect Feng Shui or perfect chi. 

There’s a transience to Wabi Sabi as there is in a Feng Shui; it does not sit still. Both Wabi Sabi and Feng Shui are intrinsic to Japanese life. Japanese do not talk about things being Wabi Sabi, and don’t try to make things Wabi Sabi- it just is. It is the same for Feng Shui; it is practiced when choosing a home, remodeling, and location, but it is so woven into their lives, they don’t recognize either concept as things.

If you want the Wabi Sabi design aesthetic and you want that as an example of good Feng Shui, here you go…

Image Credit: VanSeo Design
Crab Plate from Japan

My New Desk

Wood is generally the best Feng Shui element for a desk.
It’s grounding, brings focus and collaboration.
My new desk is great because it’s both rectangular and rounded so there is sharpness and softness for good balance.
I’m looking forward to setting it up in it’s proper place…
Stay tuned…

Keep Work Out of the Bedroom

Having a desk with your bills, computer and work is one of the fastest ways to kill romance. The fastest, by the way, is to have a big tv in your bedroom.

Consider removing the desk if you can relocate it, or, at the very least, get a desk that can close up, like a roll top desk or armoire and a partition so you are not facing it while sleeping.

Are Lights Feng Shui?

I get asked this a lot, being in the Lighting industry. The short answer is yes, Lighting is Feng Shui, sometimes good and sometimes bad.

Light equates to fire element, which is good in the south direction of your home. But most lights are made of metal, sometimes wood, sometimes crystal (represents water) sometimes ceramic (represents earth).

The best fixtures are often a mix and encompass several elements which are most auspicious in certain areas of the home. We will delve deeper into what is best in which part of the home in the coming weeks but here are some examples of lighting fixtures that are a good balance of elements to energize good chi in your home.

Are Lights Feng Shui