Feng Shui Floyd

As some of you have seen, my neighbor and I have been hitting the cast iron tub in Floyd’s upstairs bath with a vengeance, and a lot of power tools.

The tub is cast iron, metal element without a doubt. Last night, we were watching ATOM, (yes, it’s a science documentary and yes, I love these). The narrator reminded me that iron is the most stable element of all the elements and this is why it is common on earth and elsewhere. Iron is stable, for sure, and tough as well. We’ve hit it with everything we’ve got and still, it’s pretty unyielding. One day, I’ll get to the actual cast iron, and it will be sealed and it will be stunning. 

Metal is a crucial element in Feng Shui, and brings stability and clarity to the occupants of a home. I’m learning in my latest Feng Shui course with Dato Joey Yap, that it’s not about the metal statue, the metal accessories or even the metal tub, but that metal is represented in the West and Northwest as a necessary balance to your property. It is strength, continuity and stability.