Front Door Colors and Feng Shui

Floyd’s new front door is in!!!

(It still needs the doorbell, which is a very old turn ringer-see below-and part of the reason I love Floyd)

People often ask me about front door color; what color they should paint the door? My answer- whatever color you like! In reality, the front door’s location is far more important than the color. 

Red doors do not necessarily bring you wealth any more than purple or green doors. If the green door is in an area where the color green is relevant, for example, maybe slightly helpful. Unless you know your best directions according to your gua number (my husband, daughter and I happen all to be west gua 8) then the color isn’t going to save you or your wealth gua.

If you want to learn your directions, you can go back to my post Are You East or West?, or you can just paint the door any color you fancy.

Notice the first pic is without lights, the second with lights on- look how different the light makes the same door!


Showroom Spruce

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How to Sell in This New Environment

I’ve ordered my vlogging starter kit online. It was so easy, I picked it up from sitting in my car curbside. Way to adapt, Best Buy! 

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Light and Fire

Light and Fire is an essential Feng Shui element. How do you know if your lights are good Feng Shui? It’s all about balance and placement, but some fixtures are more dominant in one or two elements and that will influence the space differently. Below is predominantly wood and a little metal. Light on is fire, and the wood feeds the fire-so this light is great in the Southeast or South. It is round too, with some metal, which is good in the West.

So confusing, right?

In this case, the wood and the fixtures function, Fire, feel predominant for me so I’d put this in the South or Southeast.

Light and Fire

Pineapples are hot!

I’m seeing pineapples on shirts, sheets, pillows and in home decor.

The pineapple is a symbol of welcome for the home, and a nice element boost in Feng Shui.
The pineapple below is from my line, Hinkley Lighting, and is an element mix of metal (the frame) and water (the glass)and some fire from the lightbulbs. This light would be perfect for a front door in the West or Northwest.

It’s so perfect, I may need to put it by my front door located in the West.

This is art, this is light!

This art installation is from one of my manufacturers, PureEdge Lighting at a lighting show I recently attended in Chicago. I love it because it captures the essence of everything that we aspire to in Feng Shui.
Feng Shui is about movement, balance and balancing the flow of energy in a space, but relies on one’s own energy and drive to understand and accept one’s self and to thrive. And live. And dance through life. This is art, this is light!

Are Lights Feng Shui?

I get asked this a lot, being in the Lighting industry. The short answer is yes, Lighting is Feng Shui, sometimes good and sometimes bad.

Light equates to fire element, which is good in the south direction of your home. But most lights are made of metal, sometimes wood, sometimes crystal (represents water) sometimes ceramic (represents earth).

The best fixtures are often a mix and encompass several elements which are most auspicious in certain areas of the home. We will delve deeper into what is best in which part of the home in the coming weeks but here are some examples of lighting fixtures that are a good balance of elements to energize good chi in your home.

Are Lights Feng Shui