When the Consultant Consults the Master

2020 has been a year for injuries in our household. Finding myself unable to Feng Shui Floyd, because life is just like that, I consulted a master. Richard Ashworth is a published master who is one of the only world renowned Classic Feng Shui/Bazi masters whose native language is English.

He advised us to move our bed so our heads are facing Southwest. This is to counter the opposing Metal Rat year to Tom’s yin Fire Day Stem.

I know this sounds like Greek…he also said to enter through our true Front door, which is in the Northwest, and much less convenient than our porch doors. Hopefully, this will help curtail the rate of physical injury sustained in 2020.


I’m excited to be studying with Richard to formally learn about Bazi (birth charts) and synthesize this with the classical Feng Shui in his dual mastery program. 

Meanwhile, hold tight for a wild end of 2020, with Mercury Retrograde in full force-it promises to be volatile. 

Year of the metal rat

I had read that 2020, year of the metal rat, was going to be a very unstable year. I never could’ve imagined this scenario, still unfolding; certainly one for the history books. 

Metal Rat years are, as a whole, years of great upheaval, followed by new successful beginnings; rising from the ashes.

There is a quote attributed to Mark Twain, but likely not his. It goes something like this:
“I have been through some horrible things in my life, some of which actually happened”

There is truth to all of it this year. It’s important during times like these to try to remain balanced, rational, and simultaneously cautious. If the irrationality wins, we all lose. Let’s collectively get it together and exercise reason and we can see this through.