Clearing Your Inbox

Last night, we had the pleasure of watching “Hoarders.” We’ve never seen it before and we were pretty astounded at how people literally bury themselves in meaningless garbage. 

It made me think about how the messes we create around us affect how we think, sleep, and operate. This is Feng Shui-how you feel and behave in a space. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, start with your inbox. I used to average 13,000+ emails in my inbox, and I’ve learned, through several business courses, to get this under control.

There is nothing about email that sparks joy, but getting it organized may be all you need, or it may be the beginning of a declutter. It’s a mindset, and conquering it feels pretty great.

You may have aspirations to be on television, but not Hoarders! Get your inbox under control.

Your Office Desk and Its Best Facing Direction

Rounding out the office series, I’m going to give you your best facing direction for your desk.

I’m a western house person and I face Northeast-this is a good direction for longevity. For prosperity, Northwest is best. If you seek stability, your desk should face West. Finally, Southwest is best for health. You really want to avoid facing the other areas if possible.

For Eastern House people, facing East is great for longevity. Face Southeast for stability. Seeking prosperity? North is the best direction to face. Concerned about your health? Face South.

Sloane is facing East-is she an Eastern House Cat or a Western House cat?