My New Desk

Wood is generally the best Feng Shui element for a desk.
It’s grounding, brings focus and collaboration.
My new desk is great because it’s both rectangular and rounded so there is sharpness and softness for good balance.
I’m looking forward to setting it up in it’s proper place…
Stay tuned…

Beware-Mercury Retrograde is Coming

Mercury Retrograde is the phenomenon when our neighbor, Mercury, passes earth at a slower speed than we are traveling and looks as if it is moving in the opposite direction.

When we pass each other, this is a Retrograde period. Retrograde begins July 26 and will end August 19.

Retrograde is a great time for any verb beginning with RE:

Reassess, reorganize, release etc. MR is also a time to hear from those you’ve not spoken to for awhile.

MR is not a good time to purchase something new, sign contracts, have elective surgery or begin a new relationship or business venture. It’s also more difficult to communicate, both physically and interpretively. Flights are delayed more often, calls dropped more frequently, emails lost in the ether.

Personally, I hate Mercury Retrograde! It’s at the very least a pain, and more often for me, very painful.

So how is MR related to Feng Shui? Feng Shui is all about the RE, so this weekend is a great time to reassess your space, reorganize, release physical things we no longer need and things in our head that no longer serve us.

Once we start moving in this direction, we are able to see what can fill these spaces we’ve RE’d and how to achieve balance, which is a primary function of Feng Shui. To maintain the Feng Shui balance, we need to RE about as often as MR occurs, about 4 times a year…… so hold on to your hats, or RE-linquish them, whichever best serves you.


Feng Shui, Wallets, Money

I happen to have a tricked out Feng Shui wallet, so this ties in beautifully to my Maneki Neko post last Friday.
Because wallets hold your money and other forms of currency (credit cards, debit cards), their organization is important to good luck with money.
Make sure your credit cards are turned right side up-if they are inverted, it sends an “upside down with money” signal.
If your change is scattered all over your handbag, it says you do not care about where your money is. Same with dollar bills floating around and money bills in the bill fold that are backwards and upside down.
Take time to organize your wallet, right your credit cards and money bills, and contain your change in one spot and you will immediately feel better about your prosperity.